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Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. As the CEO of this company, he was responsible for all businesses that were under the conglomerate. One of the firms under the conglomerate was the Pratt & Whitney. P&W is a jet engine manufacturer for commercial and military planes. Before Louis Chenevert was appointed the CEO of UTC, he was taken from this company where he was working as the president. The promotion was made because of the good results that the company recorded while he was in leadership. He recorded profits at a time when other businesses were making losses. This became the highlight of his career before joining UTC.

Pratt & Whitney dealt with design, manufacture, and servicing of aircraft engines. The company is one of the biggest forms in the world making over $1 billion in profits every year. The firm employs over 33,000 workers. Being placed at the head of such a company is no mean achievement. You must have proved you deserve it. The position was coming not long after he was joined the firm. After seeing what was happening at Pratt & Whitney, the parent company, UTC came looking for this person who was different from anyone else and who had managed the firm.

One of the notable achievements that Louis Chenevert made with P&W was the creation of the geared turbofan engine. This is one of the most advanced aircraft engines. Louis Chenevert felt that this engine would be the main product for the company in years to come. When he moved to UTC as chairman in 2006, he did not forget the plan to create this engine.

Louis Chenevert at UTC was no different, jut more responsibilities. He continued doing wonders. This time he was head of the aerospace industry as well as other product which were produced by various conglomerates under the company. Some of these products include HVAC’s escalators and elevators among others. Louis Chenevert took up the new job and performed it with great passion. He made sure that all that he was supposed to accomplish was accomplished. He left the company in 2014 after giving it 6 years of consistent profits.

Partnering up

Jed McCaleb and his partner Joyce Kim co-founded Stellar development foundation in the year of 2014. McCaleb and Joyce Kim decided to create Steller after recognizing the world financial infrastructure’s problem; it is broken and depleted of resources. Before Jed McCaleb changed the world with stellar, he created Edonkey 2000, this was a peer-to-peer file sharing Network. Edonkey 2000 implemented multi-source downloading and the first implementation of the Kademlia DHT, this was not done by anyone else. Jed McCaleb is somebody who has a passion for improving Technologies, as well as improving the world. McCaleb States, “I’ve always spent a lot of time thinking about how to improve technologies, and how to use these technologies to improve the world.”


Caleb’s Financial Network is known as stellar; it is a universal Financial Network supported by, a nonprofit that contributes to open source software. Make sure to check out his LinkedIn page, to gather more information regarding Jeff McCaleb, ( On his LinkedIn page, he States, “I believe that gaps and outdated infrastructure in the financial system limit the economic potential of the world. As a nonprofit, we couple technology with digital financial literacy. My hope is that will enable full economic participation for all human beings.” With this new digital currency in place, McCaleb intends to unite every money system on the planet. For more updates, checkout Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

The meeting at Rise

In a meet up where Jed McCaleb discusses the future of innovations and his relationship with friends in blockchain Technology, he breaks down exactly what Stellar is; as well as his vision. Here at Rise, he wants everyone in attendance to have a general understanding of what he aims to accomplish. He Discusses the way payments are being conducted in current time, and where all the gaps are. Jed McCabe is a true pioneer of our time.

Check out this YouTube to know the latest on Jed:

Dr. Eric M. Forsthoefel is an Emergency Medicine Physician practicing at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare emergency and acute care department. Dr. Forsthoefel was awarded his Medical Degree from the University Of Louisville School Of Medicine with the 2009 class. In 2012 he completed his post graduate training in Emergency Medicine at Louisiana State University Shreveport. Emergency Medicine residencies are three to four years in length and encompass training in all aspects of Emergency Department medical practice. At the completion of the Emergency Medicine Residency a candidate is required to meet all of the training requirements and exams dictated by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Forsthoefel has met all of these requirements and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Forsthoefel has been practicing Emergency Medicine for six years and is licensed to practice medicine in the states of Florida and Louisiana. He has hospital privileges at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare’s Bixler Trauma & Emergency Center. North Florida’s Big Bend Region’s only Level II Trauma Center. Bixler Trauma & Emergency Center has 53 beds and four trauma bays. It treats more than 65,000 patients each year.

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare is a 772 bed acute care hospital founded in 1948, serves a 17 county region encompassing North Florida and South Georgia. The emergency department physician group Dr. Forsthoefel practices with is Physician Partners –  Emergency Services located at 1300 Miccosukee Road Tallahassee, FL 32308. Physician Partners is a part of the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Network. The Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare System is a nonprofit system that accepts all non-elective patients without regard to financial status or the ability to pay for services and care. Dr. Forsthoefel accepts major private medical insurance, Medicare, and all insurance plans accepted by the Tallahassee Memorial Physician Partner Network. Dr. Forsthoefel speaks fluent English and Spanish with his patients and the staff.

Jeunesse Global is quickly becoming one of the most recognized direct-marketing brands in the health and beauty industry. The company has risen from a tiny startup that was being run out of a retired couple’s Florida home into a company that, by some estimates, may be worth upwards of $1 billion.

Founded in 2009 by industry power couple Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global is one of the fastest-growing startups that the health and beauty industry has ever seen. The secret to the company’s meteoric rise has been the respective areas of expertise of both Ray and Lewis.

Ray has long been one of the industry’s superstar salesman. When the couple founded Jeunesse, he was able to quickly bring some of the top direct marketers in the industry on board. This quick influx of some of the top distribution talent in the business was a key factor in the ability of Ray and Lewis to quickly grow the company, booking nearly $1 million in sales in their first year of operations.

But even more important has been Lewis’ ability to quickly develop products that meet unaddressed market niches. Through her vast number of industry contacts, including some of the best product-development scientists in the business, Lewis has been able to create more than a dozen of the most innovative products to be introduced to global health and beauty consumers of the last decade.

One example of the types of groundbreaking products that the company is currently producing is its M1nd focus-enhancing health drink. One of the first great-tasting drinks aimed straight at the mental-enhancement market, M1nd has been proven to increase focus and alertness, allowing for longer and stronger performance throughout the workday.

M1nd is formulated with a special molecule called Cera-Q, which was developed by scientists working on behalf of Jeunesse and can only be found in M1nd. There is strong evidence that this substance alone can significantly increase attention spans, mimicking the effects of powerful drugs like Ritalin without exposing users to the risks associated with performance-enhancing drugs.

M1nd is exclusively available through Jeunesse authorized distributors.

Kevin Seawright, a leading project management and accounting professional, completed two successful years as the Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. He was appointed as the CFO and executive vice president of the economic development organization in May 2015.

When he was joining the development corporation, he had more than 13 years of experience in managing the operations, accounting, capital management of East Coast communities to improve their utilization and community development initiatives.

Seawright also worked for the City of Baltimore as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of its education departments for more than six years. Interestingly, he was also handling the finance and payroll responsibilities in other sectors.

In the current role, Kevin takes the strategic vision of the organization forward. He is credited for improving the staff retention by keeping solidification of human capital divisions, strengthening recruitment efforts, compensation adjustments, collective bargaining, change of management, negotiations, and more.

While he was executing these tasks, Kevin was enhanced the service delivery to the consumers, improved standardization, and solidified the performance of the organization.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright also played a significant role in transforming the revenue planning processes and added more efficiency not only in Newark but across the mid-Atlantic region. Interestingly, his career has some significant successes in revenue enhancement, and he helped organizations to get forecasts in the case of annual returns by 25% increase.

While serving 13 years for East Coast communities, he took care of various departments and functions including capital operations management, human resources, finance, and various bond funds worth $400 million, in the Executive role. Seawright was also the principal facilitator of the construction of educational facilities worth $600 million during his career.

He served various roles such as Managing Fiscal Officer, Chief of Financial & Construction Projects, Budget Manager, Payroll Director, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Finance Director, Executive Director of Operations, Chief of Financial & Construction Projects, and more, during his career. Wherever he worked, Kevin displayed the foresightedness to address the needs of the communities with a strong focus on future. He is also deeply analytical about the technical viability and profitability of each project compared to the complexity.

Seawright also displayed excellent team building skills by understanding the goals of each project and credited for strategic planning. His commitment to the profession and integrity to the community needs helped him to win many awards from governmental organizations and industry bodies alike.

Kevin Seawright was the 2010 Bridges to the Future Award winner from Met Life. In 2015, he was recognized by Mendoza College of Business – the University of Notre Dame for completing the second segment of its Nonprofit Fund Development Program. Interestingly, the achievement showed the commitment of Seawright to the nonprofit sector and his desire to be more productive and impactful.

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Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) is a Fintech company that was founded to provide young, talented burgeoning entrepreneurs in Switzerland a platform that provides them business guidance to ensure they meet their milestones. SSUF is a goal-oriented entity that aims at creating a professional execution platform that guides young entrepreneurs through a dedicated business-driven process to provide efficiency in achieving goals.


Mike Baur and two other partners, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer in 2014, founded SSUF. Mike currently serves as the company’s Managing Partner. The company is known to be the first of its kind in Switzerland; an early stage ICT Startup accelerator.


The partnership and inclusion of Mr. Hartweg is a strategic business move that aims at utilizing Mr. Hartweg’s investment expertise. Mr. Hartweg is an astute investor. He is experienced at selecting and evaluating talent in different fields whether sports, technology and even in finance. He is also a Co-founder of Fintech Leonteq, which has entered a partnership with SSUF. Mr. Hartweg’s core role as an executive advisor will be to select, analyze and evaluate Startups to determine whether SSUF should invest in them.


Upon the partnership announcement, Mr. Hartweg claimed that there had been remarkable growth in the Fintech industry in Switzerland with many Startups. Few, however, have the capacity to compete in the global marketplace according to him. He further added that the aim of SSUF was to bridge that gap to help the Startups compete globally.


In the press release, Mike claimed that the partnership with Mr. Hartweg would further strengthen the innovative power of the country in the Fintech industry. He also wants to ensure that Switzerland remains a leader for digitization in the financial sector.


Mike is also a venture capitalist. He invests time and money in Swiss youth entrepreneurship supporting Startups as a mentor and a financier. He is both a Co-Founder and a Director of the Swiss Startup Association.


Background of Mike Baur


Mike Baur is a native Swiss businessman and entrepreneur. He attended the University of Rochester in New York where he earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He also attended the University of Berne where he earned an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Before spreading his entrepreneurial wings, Mike worked in the banking sector for over 20 years. Mike worked at top banking institutions such as Clariden Leu and Sallfort where he left to pursue his ambition of financing and mentoring young Startups in the country.



Casinos that are built with Devco loans can make a striking difference in a community, and they make it very easy for communities to ride from their own ashes. Most of these communities were once very nice, but they are now home to a lot of buildings and areas that are not developed. They need to be developed again into something new, but these cities do not have the funds to start building right away. They know that they need to make a change, but the only way to make a change is with help from Devco. The Press of Atlantic City reported on the loans that Devco offers and the unique way in which they offer each loan.
The loans that are given by Devco to cities like New Brunswick come with a development plan for the city. The city will learn exactly what must be done to help complete the plan, and there will be projections for the money that can be made from he project. One project that is completed in a certain neighborhood could bring millions in revenue, jobs and more people. The people who get jobs will also have better places to live, and they will have an opportunity to invest back in their community by shopping and paying rent.

Devco helps every community use their loan money in the right way, and Devco asks every community to consider how much development can on in one place. Private businesses will be opened because of the appearance of a hotel or casino, and every local business will be supported by the hotel or casino. There is a lot of money to be made on these projects, and a city that was once on the brink of failure can instantly create a tax base with Devco’s help.

Full story by Press of Atlantic City.


Bernardo Chua is not only an extremely successful entrepreneur in the international business world but his company offers by direct sales superior nutritional products that bring health to a stressed-out generation.

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of the global gourmet coffee company Organo. He has developed a way to combine coffees and teas with the ancient Chinese mushroom Ganoderma Lucidim, and provide a unique way to get the benefits of this super herb. while drinking coffee. Healthy coffee; is there anything better?.

Mr. Chua began Organo in 2008. He had started another company called Gano Excel in 2001, where he introduced and developed a worldwide direct sales and marketing strategy into a networking system that has allowed him to take Organo into 37 countries in just eight years. The most recent country to open for distribution is Turkey.

Turkey is a modern, fast-paced country that would benefit from the properties of the Ganoderma, and it is a country that drinks a lot of coffee and tea, so it’s a perfect fit. The first coffee shop in Turkey was during the 1500s, so it has been population well acclimated to the hot beverage.

With Organo, Bernardo is able to reach the middle-class people is a casual way that doesn’t require taking any pills. Of course, Organo has the Ganoderma in capsule form for the customer who would prefer it that way, and they also offer other superior nutrients and natural personal care products.

Organo now has over one million distributors and is growing every day. If you are interested in joining with the award winning Bernardo Chua in his mission to take Ganoderma to the world infused into delicious Columbian coffee, now is the time to become a distributor. Organo headquarters are in Vancouver British Columbia in Canada, but if you live in any of the 37 countries that are open to the Coffee Connoisseur Club, you are able to be a distributor. Go to Bernardo’s Facebook for more information.

In 2010, Pravin Kothari founded CipherCloud. This cloud security company is based in San Jose, California. It enables cloud services adoption while at the same time ensuring security, compliance and control. In addition, it develops secure gateways which locally encrypt information considered sensitive before storing in a cloud environment.

The company was launched in February 2011. By then, it solely worked in environments. It later added Amazon Web Services integration. In order to grow further, the company raised 1.4 million dollars in seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz. In June 2012, CipherCloud released its Gmail encryption solution. The company showed tremendous growth in its services by September 2012. It could by then encrypt Chatter, and Microsoft Office 365. In addition to that, it launched Connect AnyApp. Connect AnyApp is a software that allowed users to specify fields on web pages they wanted encrypted and the data format and operations would be preserved as they wished.

Enterprises all over the world are today embracing the phenomenon of cloud computing. This has consequently led to the increased usage of cloud services which are offered as Iaas, Saas, and Paas. To keep up with this trend, a company seeking solutions needs to make informed choices since it influences the identity management, privacy as well as access control of the sensitive information they share. This is because it is the nature of cloud computing as a shared resource that develops apprehensions on security across the businesses that use cloud computing and their associated cloud providers for data operations. This is where CipherCloud comes into play as it tries to address these cloud security concerns. It does so by providing cloud protection solutions for data privacy, regulatory compliance requirements and data residency.

Among its many services, Wikipedia showcases that CipherCloud delivers to its clients a set of protection controls. These protection controls include encryption, activity monitoring, tokenization, malware detection and data loss prevention. The company has an Open Platform which eliminates cloud security issues. The Open Platform delivers a single solution which secures the sensitive information across all the customer’s cloud applications while at the same time preserving usability, performance and functionality. This process helps to avoid security concerns from the very beginning at the point of data origination to the time the data leaves the enterprise. In addition to that, the solution gives the users the ability to deal with a number of data security issues (data residency, governance, data privacy, compliance, security and monitoring) in one go.

Its founder and CEO, Pravin Kothari believes that CipherCloud will provide enterprises with the control and visibility over their data in the cloud as well as enable them accelerate cloud adoption by helping the exploit the cloud’s full potential.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a very well-known technological business executive that is currently serving as the chief executive officer of Coriant. Mr. Kheradpir has had a long, successful career in the technological sector, which is why Coriant decided to hire him at this high-ranking position.

Pat DiPietro used to be the CEO of Coriant but stepped down because he believed that Shaygan Kheradpir could probably do a better job since Mr. Kheradpir has lots of experience in the network field that Coriant is involved in.

Shaygan Kheradpir started out by leaving his homeland of Iran to go to school at Cornell University. He wanted to study electrical engineering because he felt that technology would get more complex in the future and revolutionize how people got along and interacted with one another, and was he right. Mr. Kheradpir started working for GTE Labs after getting his doctorate degree from Cornell University. He stayed there for longer than a decade until the company became Verizon Communications after a merger with Bell Atlantic.

Mr. Kheradpir had a very important role at Verizon, serving as the president of the online business division. Shaygan Kheradpir helped make new network systems for Verizon and implement new decision-making processes that turned out to be crutches that Verizon Communications have relied on to rise to the level of success they are currently at. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir has also been employed at both Barclays, a large international financial institution, and Juniper Networks, another large company that relies on its technological products and services to succeed.

Shaygan Kheradpir is considered one of the best executives to ever work at a major technological producer, provider, and developer in the United States of America, or even the world. Mr. Kheradpir’s strong history in higher education has helped him succeed early on when working at Coriant. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir has helped many other technological-based companies succeed, which is what the executives and the directors of Marlin Equity Partners and Coriant felt that he would help Coriant grow as much as they did the other places. Mr. Kheradipir is truly one of the best executives of his kind.