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Roberto Santiago is a beloved businessman who calls Brazil his place of residence. Brazil is his nation of origin as well. People all throughout the massive Portuguese-speaking South American country know so much about this adept entrepreneur. He’s the owner of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. He shares a name with the shopping center, too. That’s part of the reason he’s such a familiar concept to so many Brazilian people these days. They quickly connect his famous name to his equally famous shopping center. Santiago is an example of an individual who never says no to a challenge. He’s a person who isn’t scared of taking on big and seemingly complicated projects. That’s part of the reason he’s done so well for himself in the business world. Ambitious and up-and-coming entrepreneurs can certainly take a cue from this man.


Roberto Santiago is a dedicated entrepreneur now. He used to work as a writer, too. He’s equipped with solid writing skills that have helped him gain his career status. His enthusiasm for writing and sharing his thoughts with the planet is peerless. He began a blog that covered many different topics that were of interest to him. He penned pieces that he found amusing. He penned pieces that delved into all matters that related to human existence. He even discussed all of the secrets that helped contribute to his impressive career achievements and accomplishments. Santiago is not the type of person who ever holds back. He’s honest and candid. That’s why so many people love working with him on a frequent basis.


This person knows how to write. He knows how to launch large businesses. He even possesses admirable production and directing abilities. He’s an organized person who knows how to direct projects of all sizes. He knows how to communicate well with people, too. People can experience straightforward and stress-free interactions any time they’re in the company of Santiago.


Roberto Manaira Shopping Mall was constructed at the end of the eighties. It’s in Paraiba in Brazil. It has a convenient and pleasant Joao Pessoa spot as well. People who are in the city for any reason can travel to the mall without issue. Getting there is fast and easy for individuals who are familiar with Joao Pessoa. This shopping mall is a blast for people. It can tend to all types of requirements. If an individual is simply looking for a mall that can accommodate his or her need for brand new apparel, this one can serve the purpose beautifully. This shopping mall can also make a wonderful destination for people who are looking for entertainment facilities in the city. It has bowling alleys, movie theaters, dining options and much more.


Green Structure Homes is a staple for disaster relief around the United States. This is really saying something considering how difficult this industry is to stay afloat in for many. This is due to the fact that normal business practice and strategies will not bring in guaranteed results because of the complex and fluctuating nature of the industry. There are good portions of the year where there is hardly any business to be had, while some periods will require huge resources and service time, which can also happen at any given time. Green Structure Homes, home to Huntsville, Alabama, has managed to be such a success largely due to Barbara Stokes tremendous efforts and business expertise. Her desire to push the boundaries through innovative thinking and to make her vision a reality truly paid off, proving herself to be a capable leader in a challenging field. Read more at Business Insider.


Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer for Green Structure Homes and as such she is in charge of overseeing growth strategy, implementing new innovations as well as daily operations. Barbara took her deep level of expertise in the industry to expand on the company’s services, which included improving upon construction, design, and building strategies. Green Structure Homes also provides construction choices on-site for modular and mobile home structures all over the United States. These services extend to residential housing, commercial residence and even government. Today, Green Structure Homes has a good deal of experience in government contracts with Barbara at the helm, notably their support with the FEMA mission. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

As the demands over recent years have grown, Barbara Stokes strongly understands the need for innovation given the changing needs of the customers. She ensures that the housing solutions available from Green Structure Homes are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and economical, all the while being manufactured with the latest technology. Barbara ensures homes constructed by GSH have reduced overall costs for their life cycle due to reduced energy cost, lower maintenance cost, and low cost insurance. This doesn’t take anything away from the homes though since they are extremely durable and resistant to pests, mildew, mold and more.


Drinking water is a necessity for all people to live a healthy life. Without it, people will quickly suffer from dehydration and could supper significantly. Over the past few decades, the bottled water industry has continued to increase immensely in size. Bottled water gives all people in the world the opportunity to drink water that is fresh and clean. While bottled water does provide a lot of benefits to Consumers, there are some negative side effects of it as well. One of the biggest concern is that it is not good for the environment as all of the plastic bottles are quickly growing in significant size and taking up a lot of landfill space. Watch this video on Youtube.

For those that are looking for a better solution for bottled water, one great option to consider is Waikea Water. Waikea Water is a bottled water company that is based out of Hawaii. The company provides consumers with a number of different advantages compared to other bottled water companies.

One of the advantages of the bottled water from Waikea is that it is very fresh and clean. The water comes directly from natural water reserves in Hawaii that have already gone through a significant natural filtration process. The water is done but there another additional filtration process and the end product is delicious and refreshing. Visit the company website Waiakea Springs to know more about Waiakea Water.

Another advantage of the bottled water that is produced is that it is much better for the environment. As opposed to being put into a bottle that can take decades to decompose, the bottled water company uses a unique type of plastic that decomposes much faster. Furthermore, it ultimately will decompose 100% into natural elements in the ground.

While Waikea Water has already found a type of bottled water that is better for the environment, they are continuing to improve on their product. The company continues to invest heavily in research and development with the goal of producing a bottle that is easy to recycle and will break down and decompose in any landfill or environment. This could go a long way to reduce the amount of trash that the bottled water industry produces.

Artificial Intelligence is advancing the online retail industry with a great sweep in all its sections and departments. There are many reasons why the technology gets widespread applications in the E-commerce sector. One of the prominent reason is the players are ready to accept all sorts of improvements any technology can bring into its ecosystem. Since AI is the most prominent technology evolution in the recent years, E-commerce industry takes all the choices given by it. The other reasons include easy adaptation options inside their platform, quick integration with other technologies, relatively new industry, E-commerce platforms that can easily be customized, and more.

While coming to various business units of E-commerce industries, AI gets predominance in personalized merchandising considering it can analyze data of millions of customers and provide best suggestions and recommendations based on the results. Industry experts confirm that the upcoming holiday season would be witnessing the next level application of personalized merchandising using the AI technology. They confirm that the customers would be assisted by AI systems during this festival season on their questions. It means that AI has a higher focus on customer service, and the companies are passionate about bringing AI-enabled chatbots to their customer service departments to ensure a pleasant experience to the customers.

Interestingly, many recent studies have shown that most people are unable to identify whether they are communicating with a human or an AI system. It is due to the advancement of AI-enabled chatbots, which help them to respond more human-like. While most of the online retailers were putting their energy on getting products into their stores, AI has changed the focus also into taking products into customers’ hands. Artificial Intelligence has really made a difference here. It has also got a boost due to quickly changing expectations of the customers.

Considering the growing needs of improved AI systems, many technology firms are focusing their attention on the technology and coming up with better AI systems that can understand the customer needs, preferences, styles, and more. Some systems also ask customers to fill out their choices, and that gives the online retailers to send specialized products according to the preferences of the customers. Personalized marketing is another area that can get a huge boost with the help of AI. Festival offers and personalized offers can be provided to customers based on their shopping patterns, product choices, and more. It can also significantly improve the conversion rate of online retailers along with added profit. View Sentient’s profile

The Swiss Startup Factory thrives on the leadership that it receives from Mike Baur, and the company has helped many companies go from the startup phase to a place that is much more profitable and prosperous. This article explains how Mike helps his clients, and it shows that he has their best interests at heart no matter what they are doing. Someone who wishes to use his services will find that their company as a whole is much better off for it.


#1: How Does Someone Run A Startup?


Mike will often start his clients by asking them how they plan to run their business. He wants to know what their plans are for the future, and he wants to hear about their vision. Someone who does not have a vision for the future will need assistance in this area, and others will be given advice about hiring. The company must be staffed properly, and Mike will help create a plan for the expansion of the company in the future.


#2: Financing


There are many different options for a company that needs financing, and they may request something from the Swiss Startup Factory that will help them pay for their projects going forward. They will welcome capitalists who have money to spend, and they will gain mentors who are happy to help them grow. These companies are hoping to be as efficient as possible, and they turn to Mike because they know that he knows how to manage financing for any firm.


#3: Governance


The board of directors of any company must be chosen with a bit of care, and someone who wishes to hire a board of directors will find that they have many options. The choices that they make will help the company grow, and they will bring people to their company that will offer them fresh ideas. These ideas will help broaden the company, and Mike is happy to mentor at any time that it is needed. He does not join the board of directors, but he does help guide its creation.


There are many companies that require help from an expert such as Mike Baur. He has done quite a lot of work in the business world, and he knows how to help a startup grow from the small firm that it was into something much better. Every service he offers helps his clients grow into legitimate businesses.

When you look at Eric Pulier, you will certainly never believe that such a young face has accomplished that much. For him, accomplishment is what makes him succeed in business. He always struggles to end his business in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For this reason, is one of the most distinguished graduates of the University of Harvard. When he was in school, he led the world of business and innovation through numerous published journals. His journals were adopted on a massive scale because of their insight and innovation. Eric Pulier graduated with the highest honors to commence his business in Los Angeles.


Eric Pulier is also a published author, columnist, public speaker, brilliant technologist, serial entrepreneur, and a generous philanthropist. In the recent past, he has developed numerous startups that grow to become high-end companies. He was also amazing at all the things he has accomplished in the United States. He is also considered as one of the most interesting technologists in the country. Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey. It was evident that his path was in technology from his early childhood times. Eric Pulier would program computers to do whatever he wanted them to do. For this reason, he was considered as an innovative technical child. His past is also full of technology. When he finished high school, he went on to found the Database Management Company that offered database management services for their clients. This company grew in massive adoption in New Jersey.


When he graduated from high school, he attained the necessary credentials to land him in the Harvard University to study English as his major subject. During his time on campus, technology never left his mind. For this reason, he sat down and published numerous business and technical ideas for the Harvard Business Journals. His articles were widely accepted. This led to the greater adoption of the business journals in the University magazine, for this reason, Eric Pulier was incepted into the Harvard Writing Company. He earned greater publishing skills in this sector to advance in technology and business. His skills were seen after graduation.