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Jed is the Co-Founder and the Chief Technology Officer of stellar. This is a company that is exploring the opportunities that are in the cryptocurrency industry. It has not been easy for him setting up this company due to the challenging nature of the industry. The industry has been alive for one decade and just like any other industry it has gone through challenges before it stabilizes. However, even though it is a young industry, Jed McCaleb is one of the people who has managed to do so much with the company. He has worked with some blockchain companies as well as working on various personal projects. Currently, he is using Stellar to develop a cross-border payment system.

From experience he has from other companies he has worked for, McCaleb is optimistic that this time, he will make it. He sees that in the next few years, there shall be great progress towards the accomplishment of this goal. In the next ten years, he is talking about the existence of a hybrid payment system that will incorporate every aspect of the financial sector including blockchain technology.

Jed McCaleb had his first project based on blockchain technology in 2011 when he created Mt. Gox, a platform for bitcoin exchange. This platform did very well although he later sold it. Since then, he has done other projects as well as working for other companies. Now, he is ready to drive the industry through his own company. He is banking on the growth of blockchain technology to create a cross-border system that will lead to the acceptability of digital currencies as a normal currency just as dollars or euros.

Jed McCaleb says that the project that Stellar is working on will change the blockchain industry for the better. People who have never used these digital currencies will be comfortable using them since they will just be like any other currency. On top, Jed McCaleb says that the payment system that Stellar together with IBM is working on will change the financial industry greatly. Fiat money will also be transacted based on blockchain technology bringing transparency in the global financial system.

Read more about Jed’s prediction:

Partnering up

Jed McCaleb and his partner Joyce Kim co-founded Stellar development foundation in the year of 2014. McCaleb and Joyce Kim decided to create Steller after recognizing the world financial infrastructure’s problem; it is broken and depleted of resources. Before Jed McCaleb changed the world with stellar, he created Edonkey 2000, this was a peer-to-peer file sharing Network. Edonkey 2000 implemented multi-source downloading and the first implementation of the Kademlia DHT, this was not done by anyone else. Jed McCaleb is somebody who has a passion for improving Technologies, as well as improving the world. McCaleb States, “I’ve always spent a lot of time thinking about how to improve technologies, and how to use these technologies to improve the world.”


Caleb’s Financial Network is known as stellar; it is a universal Financial Network supported by, a nonprofit that contributes to open source software. Make sure to check out his LinkedIn page, to gather more information regarding Jeff McCaleb, ( On his LinkedIn page, he States, “I believe that gaps and outdated infrastructure in the financial system limit the economic potential of the world. As a nonprofit, we couple technology with digital financial literacy. My hope is that will enable full economic participation for all human beings.” With this new digital currency in place, McCaleb intends to unite every money system on the planet. For more updates, checkout Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

The meeting at Rise

In a meet up where Jed McCaleb discusses the future of innovations and his relationship with friends in blockchain Technology, he breaks down exactly what Stellar is; as well as his vision. Here at Rise, he wants everyone in attendance to have a general understanding of what he aims to accomplish. He Discusses the way payments are being conducted in current time, and where all the gaps are. Jed McCabe is a true pioneer of our time.

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Roberto Santiago is a beloved businessman who calls Brazil his place of residence. Brazil is his nation of origin as well. People all throughout the massive Portuguese-speaking South American country know so much about this adept entrepreneur. He’s the owner of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. He shares a name with the shopping center, too. That’s part of the reason he’s such a familiar concept to so many Brazilian people these days. They quickly connect his famous name to his equally famous shopping center. Santiago is an example of an individual who never says no to a challenge. He’s a person who isn’t scared of taking on big and seemingly complicated projects. That’s part of the reason he’s done so well for himself in the business world. Ambitious and up-and-coming entrepreneurs can certainly take a cue from this man.


Roberto Santiago is a dedicated entrepreneur now. He used to work as a writer, too. He’s equipped with solid writing skills that have helped him gain his career status. His enthusiasm for writing and sharing his thoughts with the planet is peerless. He began a blog that covered many different topics that were of interest to him. He penned pieces that he found amusing. He penned pieces that delved into all matters that related to human existence. He even discussed all of the secrets that helped contribute to his impressive career achievements and accomplishments. Santiago is not the type of person who ever holds back. He’s honest and candid. That’s why so many people love working with him on a frequent basis.


This person knows how to write. He knows how to launch large businesses. He even possesses admirable production and directing abilities. He’s an organized person who knows how to direct projects of all sizes. He knows how to communicate well with people, too. People can experience straightforward and stress-free interactions any time they’re in the company of Santiago.


Roberto Manaira Shopping Mall was constructed at the end of the eighties. It’s in Paraiba in Brazil. It has a convenient and pleasant Joao Pessoa spot as well. People who are in the city for any reason can travel to the mall without issue. Getting there is fast and easy for individuals who are familiar with Joao Pessoa. This shopping mall is a blast for people. It can tend to all types of requirements. If an individual is simply looking for a mall that can accommodate his or her need for brand new apparel, this one can serve the purpose beautifully. This shopping mall can also make a wonderful destination for people who are looking for entertainment facilities in the city. It has bowling alleys, movie theaters, dining options and much more.


Nathaniel Ru is co-CEO, cofounder, and director at Sweetgreen, a salad bar chain. He got a bachelor’s degree in finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2007.

Shortly after, he and two of his classmates, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, proceeded to open up what would become the first of many restaurants in the Sweetgreen chain. He has since worked there and seen the company grow to its current level of success.

The three classmates were motivated to come up with a restaurant that served more healthy options after they observed that there were very limited options of healthy eateries around the Georgetown area. With dedication and ambition, Nathaniel and his two friends came up with a business plan and sought out a prospective location for their restaurant.

The trio was focused not only on creating a healthy eating spot but also in supporting the local community hence their resolve to use only local produce in their recipes. This commitment to the community was also exhibited in the values they came up with for the company.

One of these values is the ‘win, win, win,’ which simply indicates that the company’s working should benefit the customer and the community as well. Sweetgreen was not founded to be a corporate giant but was instead focused on bettering the community by enhancing a healthier lifestyle amongst the people.

How sweetgreen is setting itself apart from other restaurant chains

Sweetgreen has a few different methods of doing things that other restaurant chains could benefit from. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

First, true to the three founders’ background in technology. Sweetgreen has implemented technology in its activities. In fact, up to 30% of Sweetgreen’s transactions are done on the web or through the company’s mobile app. This has seen a reduction in the length of queues.

Second, Sweetgreen has come up with a few original management strategies such as the breaking of the entire corporate office five times a year to go work in the restaurants. This has helped them to remain close to their customers. They also have not set up headquarters in the interest of remaining bicoastal so as to try and grow the company throughout the nation.

Nathaniel Ru also points out the importance of coming up with a team for support. This is a lesson learned from their first days in the business when they were reluctant to delegate.

Sweetgreen is sure to keep prospering under the supervision of Nathaniel Ru, whose commitment and ambition are commendable.

Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Campaign Against Arms Trade

Recently, the street artist Banksy donated £205,000 to a human rights groups, Campaign Against Arms Trade and Reprieve. Campaign Against Arms Trade is based in the UK. Currently, the group is working on bringing the Arms Fair to a halt.

Not only that, the group’s entire purpose is to end the international arms trade. The group is most concerned with damaged economic development due to the arms trade.

The group works on stopping the acquisition and export of arms to places that will result in increased tension and conflict. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Human rights group, Reprieve

Reprieve is a human rights group which focuses on eliminating extreme human rights abuse. Around the world, people are sentenced to death because of their crimes. Fortunately, Reprieve has saved at least 400 lives from experiencing the death penalty. The groups is also working on ending death by legal injection.

Reprieve helps pharmaceutical manufacturers break ties with the execution drug trade by preventing the sale of drugs to death row. One of the goals for this human rights group is to change the common perspective that death by legal injection is humane.

Since 1999, the group has been providing legal counsel and support for people facing execution, torture, and extrajudicial imprisonment and killing. The group continues to expose how the US government issues drones which target individuals on their “kill list”.

How the Frontera Fund launched

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund was founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. The pair have dedicated the settlement income received after their arrest to funding migrant groups in Arizona. In 2007, Larkin and Lacey were awarded $3.75 million after being wrongfully arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The homes of Larkin and Lacey were entered in the middle of the night and the two were arrested. The two exposed that grand jury subpoenas had been issued to gain more details about writers, readers, and editors of the Phoenix New Times.

Information was requested such as browsing histories and IP addresses. The publication is where the two writers released the information about Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is the Principal of real estate development firm JMH Development. He primarily focuses on developing luxury properties in the New York and Florida markets. In addition to residential construction, he also develops commercial properties. JMH Development is his family’s business and he took over management of the firm in 2010. One of the hallmarks of JMH Development is that they focus on the preservation of historic structures that have been restored through the means of adaptive reuse of existing materials and structure.

Among the $500 million in investments made in New York, during a recent project, Jason Halpern and JMH Development converted an existing warehouse into a luxury apartment complex with 340 units. The apartments, located on the North Brooklyn Waterfront, are called the Austin Nichols House. Each unit, from studios to three bedrooms, feature so exquisite touches as tobacco smoked oak flooring, high beamed loft ceilings, and amazing views of the city. The building also provides an around the clock doorman, concierges, a zen garden, a full catering kitchen, and a business center in addition to many other amenities. The building is listed on the National Historic Register. Halpern successfully sold the apartments to another group for $275 million.

Aloft and Jason Halpern

Another project that Halpern developed was the Aloft South Beach. During this project Halpern and his team restored the historic Motel Ankara and added a new eight-story tower to it. The new hotel features larger rooms than local competitors and is the first one opened in the area since 2009. The Aloft South Beach, just a block from the beach, also offers quick access to several art galleries and museums as well as the Miami Beach Convention Center. In addition to featuring luxury touches throughout the rooms, the hotel also features a space for live bands to play or for local artists to feature their work.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

The Townhouses of Cobble Hill residential development that Jason Halpern worked on has turned into a coveted place to live in the Brooklyn area. He created a structure that comprises nine high-end townhouses along one of the most desired streets in Brooklyn, Congress Street. Four of the townhouses were completely renovated and the other five are brand new.

Jason Halpern continues to develop properties in both New York and Florida, He visits the Miami area every few weeks in order to manage his existing projects or to spot new opportunities in the area. He enjoys building in Miami as he believes the area is virtually recession proof due to the fantastic setting that draws in new residents, tourism, coupled with a strong business environment.

The Swiss Startup Factory thrives on the leadership that it receives from Mike Baur, and the company has helped many companies go from the startup phase to a place that is much more profitable and prosperous. This article explains how Mike helps his clients, and it shows that he has their best interests at heart no matter what they are doing. Someone who wishes to use his services will find that their company as a whole is much better off for it.


#1: How Does Someone Run A Startup?


Mike will often start his clients by asking them how they plan to run their business. He wants to know what their plans are for the future, and he wants to hear about their vision. Someone who does not have a vision for the future will need assistance in this area, and others will be given advice about hiring. The company must be staffed properly, and Mike will help create a plan for the expansion of the company in the future.


#2: Financing


There are many different options for a company that needs financing, and they may request something from the Swiss Startup Factory that will help them pay for their projects going forward. They will welcome capitalists who have money to spend, and they will gain mentors who are happy to help them grow. These companies are hoping to be as efficient as possible, and they turn to Mike because they know that he knows how to manage financing for any firm.


#3: Governance


The board of directors of any company must be chosen with a bit of care, and someone who wishes to hire a board of directors will find that they have many options. The choices that they make will help the company grow, and they will bring people to their company that will offer them fresh ideas. These ideas will help broaden the company, and Mike is happy to mentor at any time that it is needed. He does not join the board of directors, but he does help guide its creation.


There are many companies that require help from an expert such as Mike Baur. He has done quite a lot of work in the business world, and he knows how to help a startup grow from the small firm that it was into something much better. Every service he offers helps his clients grow into legitimate businesses.

Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina has been on a mission to change lives since the beginning of his career. With just a little research it’s easy to see that Bob Reina is more than just a very successful business. In truth, he is an even more amazing individual. Bob Reina is someone who cares a lot about his community and how his company’s products effects it.


The outstanding entrepreneur’s passion for changing peoples lives is translated through the actions of his company. A huge part of Talk Fusion’s culture is the idea that, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” Reina has instilled this ideal into the corporate DNA of Talk Fusion. Reina even goes out of his way to make sure his employees have the same ideals. Reina and Talk Fusion is all about making a difference in the community by giving back, providing opportunities, and advice.


Reina hopes to inspire those around him to become more involved in solving the problems of the world. He recently launched a program that allows every Talk Fusion Associate to donate one free account to the charity of their choice. Many of his associates have testimonies of how Talk Fusion’s cutting-edge video marketing products has changed their lives, which is like music to the ears of Reina.


Many will say that Reina is chasing a white whale. No matter how much he does or has done for the community, he till strives to do more to help people. Listen to about Bob Reina.


About Bob Reina


Bob Reina has committed himself to doing as much as he can to change people’s lives for the better. He has been involved with several non-profit and charity organization efforts throughout the years. He is an especially strong supporter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Reina even donated $1 million of his own money to the organization. Reina finds great joy in helping people reach their goals and live their dreams. He is all about making the impossible possible. He has taken his mission to change lives global. All in all Bob Reina is a businessman with the mind of a human rights activist.


Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) is a Fintech company that was founded to provide young, talented burgeoning entrepreneurs in Switzerland a platform that provides them business guidance to ensure they meet their milestones. SSUF is a goal-oriented entity that aims at creating a professional execution platform that guides young entrepreneurs through a dedicated business-driven process to provide efficiency in achieving goals.


Mike Baur and two other partners, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer in 2014, founded SSUF. Mike currently serves as the company’s Managing Partner. The company is known to be the first of its kind in Switzerland; an early stage ICT Startup accelerator.


The partnership and inclusion of Mr. Hartweg is a strategic business move that aims at utilizing Mr. Hartweg’s investment expertise. Mr. Hartweg is an astute investor. He is experienced at selecting and evaluating talent in different fields whether sports, technology and even in finance. He is also a Co-founder of Fintech Leonteq, which has entered a partnership with SSUF. Mr. Hartweg’s core role as an executive advisor will be to select, analyze and evaluate Startups to determine whether SSUF should invest in them.


Upon the partnership announcement, Mr. Hartweg claimed that there had been remarkable growth in the Fintech industry in Switzerland with many Startups. Few, however, have the capacity to compete in the global marketplace according to him. He further added that the aim of SSUF was to bridge that gap to help the Startups compete globally.


In the press release, Mike claimed that the partnership with Mr. Hartweg would further strengthen the innovative power of the country in the Fintech industry. He also wants to ensure that Switzerland remains a leader for digitization in the financial sector.


Mike is also a venture capitalist. He invests time and money in Swiss youth entrepreneurship supporting Startups as a mentor and a financier. He is both a Co-Founder and a Director of the Swiss Startup Association.


Background of Mike Baur


Mike Baur is a native Swiss businessman and entrepreneur. He attended the University of Rochester in New York where he earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He also attended the University of Berne where he earned an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Before spreading his entrepreneurial wings, Mike worked in the banking sector for over 20 years. Mike worked at top banking institutions such as Clariden Leu and Sallfort where he left to pursue his ambition of financing and mentoring young Startups in the country.



Bruce Levenson was born on October 1st 1949 in Washington D.C into a jewish family. He grew up in Chevy Chase Maryland where he spent the majority of his youth. Bruce Levenson attended both the Washington University and the American university where he graduated in a bachelor of arts and a law degree. He attended law school during the evenings and worked day time at a local newspaper and worked on his journalism career. Bruce Levenson has always been a hard worker and so later started a company in his basement known as the United Communications Group. Bruce Levenson currently has three children with his wife Karen Boyarsky Levenson. They live with their three children in Atlanta, Maryland and Potomac where they have family homes.
Bruce Levenson has always had a passion for basketball and bought the Atlanta Hawks LLC professional Basketball team alongside several other businessman. This purchase was made in 2004 for $250 million and also included a second team the Atlanta Thrashers NHL as well as the operating rights to the Phillips Arena which is the home of the Atlanta Hawks.

In recent news Bruce Levenson hired Bankers at Goldman Sachs and another company to sell the Atlanta Hawks for them but the Bankers oversold the team and promised the investors $1 billion in return. This was not the case and the team later told to Antony Ressler for $850 million. This was still a significant profit for the owners of the Atlanta Hawks, specialists however believed that more could have been made if the team was not oversold in the beginning.   For more information on Bruce Levenson, visit his Wikipedia page and official website