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Paul Herdsman holds a number of important titles; he is a business owner, entrepreneur, chief operating officer, husband, and, among others, father. For Herdsman, it is critical that he doesn’t start his work day until his kids have left for school; additionally, he ensures that he is home in time and available to tuck his children into bed at night. Once his children are gone for the day, his work day begins.


Paul Herdsman lives in Florida and is the Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global, a near-shore business solution company located in Jamaica. Since he has to conduct business long distance, he has to be flexible with how his day flows. Having a successful business that is over 700 miles away has helped Herdsman have a firm understanding about what is key to building a successful business.


First, it is critical that a positive work culture is created. If employees feel happy, appreciated, and important they are more likely to stay with the company and retention rates rise. Second, Paul Herdsman says that business owners need to invest in their employees. Learn more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman


In order for a business to be successful employers have to invest the time and money to ensure each of their employees is properly trained. Third, employees should be rewarded for quality work. It is quite simple for a person to show up to work and stay “busy.” However, according to Herdsman, it is the employees that conduct quality work that adds to the progress of the company that should be rewarded. Fourth, employers need to have a firm understanding about what each employees job consists of; on the flip side, each employee needs to understand what their co-worker’s roles are. Visit This Page for additional information.


Paul shares this knowledge to help create a level of respect between departments and employees that aids in a company running smoothly. Fifth, in order for a business to be the best, they have to bring on the best, this is best achieved by recruitment. Last, businesses need to solve their client’s problems, after all, that is likely the whole reason they were hired to begin with.



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Vinod Gupta is an entrepreneur and businessman born in 1946 in India. He took a bank loan for $100 and used it to create a business he sold for $680 million. He was the CEO of InfoUSA, acquired additional companies and filled a niche in information technology. His investment firm is called the Everest Group. This firm provides database technology startups with venture capital, fosters success with information technology and acquires struggling businesses. Vinod Gupta prides himself on providing underserved populations with employment opportunities. His resources are devoted to charities including schools in India. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Chicago Evening Post: Law School At IIT Kharagpur, Established By Vinod Gupta, Rated Number One In Research And Number Four Overall In India


Vinod Gupta went to work for the Commodore Corporation after graduating from the University of Nebraska. The company manufactured mobile homes. His responsibilities as a Marketing Research Analyst including compiling lists of United States mobile home dealers. When Vinod Gupta learned there was no such list in existence, he realized how much time businesses would save with an expansive list. He created a database, invested in direct marketing and targeted companies that would receive benefits from his data. He received many orders for his list and realized how high the demand was for business to business information.


After InfoGroup had been in business for many years they started acquiring other businesses. Vinod Gupta had developed, used and perfected the methods necessary to assist struggling companies. These skills came from operational experience and a global scale of database technology. Vinod Gupta currently spends most of his time in building up the futures of numerous companies. He has learned future goals are incredibly important for the maintenance of successful companies. He has a core team he trusts to handle the daily operations of his company.


Everest Group is steadily acquiring businesses in background checks, digital printing, operational platforms and information technology niches. Vinod Gupta uses market testing when considering new ideas, products and technologies. He believes many entrepreneurs make the mistake of limiting field testing. There must be a need for the idea in the market or it will be obsolete. Vinod Gupta will be using artificial intelligence to make decisions through his database. He believes this will increase his market size. This involves the way his products can be used and their longevity.



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