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Background and Overview of IC System


IC System is headquartered out of St. Paul, Minnesota. They are an accounts receivable company. An accounts receivable company is a company that specializes in outstanding invoices. A company that has already provided a service is entitled to compensation/accounts. This type of company is known as an accounts receivable company. IC Systems was created in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson.

In 1968, IC Systems became the first collection organization to upgrade their technology from typewriters to computers. To this day, IC uses the most current techniques for collection in order to maintain a name of quality in their industry.

IC System’s goal is to improve finances for consumers and their clients. They strive to provide an ethical and honest approach to business. They train their team of employees to utilize ethical practices.

IC has been audited by FRSecure. FRSecure confirms IC has data security. Security is highly important to IC. They have engaged in a very thorough audit, one that analyses the entire system as a whole, rather than just the sector that deals with credit cards. IC uses the CRMS (Compliance Risk Management System). CRMS involves extensive auditing, with a focus on documentation and training.


IC’s Five Main Core Values


IC’s five main goals are people, integrity, performance, pride and innovation. IC Systems believe in treating others with respect, honoring internal morals, providing outstanding quality with pride, and evolving towards better outcomes in the future.

IC holds “Core Value Awards” for their employees. Every quarter, IC awards a member that exhibited the five core values.

IC has greatly contributed to their community. They have their own charity committee called “E.C.H.O.” E.C.H.O. was initiated in 1981. Their focus is to analyze the solicitation of funds by IC and employees.

Some of the charities IC has donated to include American Red Cross, Relay for Life, Special Olympics, American Cancer Society and St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charities. IC has been consecutively nominated for the BBB Torch Award for Ethics.