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Jorge Moll is a Brazilian visionary who intends to revolutionize treatment and patient care for the people. He is the president of the D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching, and his primary objective is to develop the health care industry worldwide. He has noticed that there is a growing trend of innovation around the world with respect to health care and treatment, and he acknowledged the advantage of becoming a high tech society and its benefits to the health care industry. The discovery and invention of new technologies have opened several opportunities for scientists around the world in searching for cures and newer methods of treatment for previously incurable diseases. Jorge Moll wanted to create a partnership between the scientists and the technological engineers, focusing on how to further develop existing treatments and cures with the use of better and more advanced technology. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

Recently, he invited Dr. Albert Chan to Brazil, who is known as the vice president for the innovation of patient treatment and health care at Sutter Health, which is the second largest network providing health care in the United States. Jorge Moll heard the news about the institution practicing the use of new technologies in delivering health related services to their patients, and he wanted to learn more about the present status of their revolutionary methods. Dr. Albert Chan have shown Jorge Moll about some of the current trends being used in the United States presently, like using Google Glass for scheduling an appointment with the doctor or developing several health based applications. He explained that by using newer technologies, it created a bridge between doctors and their patients, making them more trustworthy in their eyes. Using newer technologies also saved the doctors’ time, and it made them put all of their attention to their patients. The safety and depth of medical evaluation has also improved because of the use of newer technologies.


Jorge Moll took note of all the information he received from the discussion that he made with Dr. Albert Chan, and he stated that he will do his best to locally integrate the technological improvements being enjoyed in the United States. Watch this video on

A Fine Financial Institution with Experience
BMG is a financial institution that has been serving the Brazilian financial industry. The take much pride in offering their years of experience to institutions and individuals. This is a privately owned financial institution that strives to offer their integrity and to earn the trust of those that they serve. This is a company that continues to expand and branch out into many areas. This institution continues to stay up-to-date in order to serve their clients better. Knowledge and integrity play a large role in this business. President Ricardo Guimarães takes pride in this fine financial institution and the qualified team of employees that strive to meet your financial needs.

80 Years of Outstanding Performance
This institution had been founded by the Guimarães family 80 years ago. Their overall performance has been outstanding in every way. This includes the following areas:
* financing of companies
* credit
* providing solutions such as payroll credit and more options
* vehicles and home equity loans
80 years of solid and outstanding performance is a valuable benefit for every client to receive. This financial institution has a remarkable and a highly impressive 80 year history.

Credible and Trustworthy
Financial services must be provided by an institution that is credible and trustworthy. BMG is a financial institution that has indeed earned the trust of those they have served. This is an institution that offers every client their solid credentials in a trustworthy manner. Their reputation is in place already.

President Ricardo Guimarães
Ricardo Guimarães is the Chief Executive Officer and President of this outstanding financial institution. He is an individual who will ensure that every client is satisfied in every way. This president has earned a solid reputation in this financial industry. You will be pleased to have all of your financial needs managed by this institution that provides leadership with integrity.