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If you knew there was a chance your cell phone caused cancerous brain tumors, would you stop using it? The on-going debate about the risk of radiation exposure from excessive cell phone use leaves many of us confused.

Are cell phones hazardous to our health? It depends on who you believe. The folks who run the PurinaStore selling Beneful dog food are concerned.

Recently, a new “Right to Know” ordinance was passed in Berkeley, California that limits cell phone merchandising, without an accompanying warning about exposure to radiation.

Other states have unsuccessfully tried to pass “Right to Know” legislation, but conflicting evidence makes it difficult to uphold.

According to a 2010 study, researchers at Interphone found regular cell phone users were not at risk for brain tumors, however, excessive cell phone users were at risk for glioma tumors, and that data was ruled inconclusive in the end.

Then, in 2011, mobile phone use was labeled a carcinogenic hazard by the World Health Organization (WHO), yet this information is usually doubted and ignored.

The FCC also has guidelines that limit the amount of RF energy emitted from wireless devices. They also summarize distances at which electronic devices should be held away, to protect from excessive exposure to radiofrequency energy.