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One of the directors of the Open Source Foundations stops the rumor that is being pushed by mainstream and conspiracy theorists that Soros is behind the movement. As the Black lives matter begins, it interrupts the speeches of Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders over the past month. Right wing blogs, social media voices, and many general interest sites are all pointing to the conspiracy that surrounds the funding of the Black lives matter. They all say to George Soros and an amount that is stated at $33 million dollars in funding.

An American philosopher by the name Thomas Lifson writes this week that this foundation Black lives Mater was founded by the great George Soros and is a movement that will pose significant problems to the Democrats. These rumors are going mainstream in social media as well as making way into the FoxNews powerhouse hosted by O’Rilley in July.

The big question O’Rilley asks is that who is funding this movement. He seems to know the one bankrolling this campaign and says that it is our great pal George Soros who is giving vast sums of money to the affiliates of thus movement. A particular amount of money as well as funding the entertainers Beyonce and Jay-Z.

The movement #BlacklivesMatter is an organization that was initiated by three George Soros workers at open source foundation that are into a rolling up activists. These three ladies have been funded by Soros to support the movement with a specific amount of money $33 million dollars. O’Rilley wonders how Soros can fund an organization of agitators with that enormous sum of money.

But a director at the foundations of Soros was at the forefront to deny those claims. He says that the three ladies working at Soros foundations were not involved as the activists that rallied hugely on Twitter in response to the death of a young and unarmed black boy and the release of his killer. The three ladies only came up to bring attention to the death of the young American. This information can be found at The Daily Beast.

George Soros fled to England in 1947 from Hungary. He studied at a local economics school in Egland and graduated in 1952. He obtained credit and found a job at a local London investment bank. He migrated to the US in 1956 and held an analyst and investment manager positions at New York Firms. In 1973, Soros went on his own and founded the well-respected Soros Hedge Fund. This information can be found in Investopedia.