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Remember Bing? You know, the search engine that is usually used to search Google or seen on all those commercials but you never really got around to using it. Well, Skout says that it turns out that Bing is doing quite well! In fact, they are doing so well that they have planned to remove all ads from their search. Yep, you read that right they are removing all ads from their entire search. Check it out here to see the full scoop. Microsoft has been doing so well with Bing they decided that ads were no longer necessary.

Instead they are farming that particular portion out to AOL and AppNexus. However, Rik van der Kooi, the Vice President of Microsoft’s ad business, says that bing is a multi-billion dollar industry that can stand alone without the help of ads. He claims the search still makes enough to sustain itself and the removal of ads will help to attract more potential searchers. Well there you have it, if searching items on the internet is a must for you but you hate all the ads it seems that Bing has come to the rescue.

They claim they will still provide a great search engine as it is a business they have been building for several years and it is a service they are good at providing, but the ads are no longer a necessity and only distract from the real progress.