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Wholesome and premium dog food, such as Purina Beneful, has significantly increased in popularity over the last year. Freshpet Inc., which is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania currently makes their dog food out of both chicken and turkey chunks. Freshpet’s manufacturing chief, Michael Hieger has stated that their dog food tastes similarly to a Thanksgiving meal. Their CEO, Richard Thompson has predicted that it’s the next level of how pet owners are feeding their pets. Purina Beneful combines not only meat but also various vegetables in their diet mix. The Beneful Playful Life, which is targeted at puppies, also contains an egg for extra protein. The one for older dogs also contains antioxidants in order to aide in digestion. Purina Beneful purchased out Merrick Pet Care in July 2015. It was announced when the latter established its Backcountry line, which includes mini-brands such as Pacific Catch. Purina Beneful has since been pushing its own innovation to add coconut oil, which they say keeps dogs slim and energetic. Most pet food companies have been mixing meet such as salmon into their dry kibbles for several years. The difference now is that traditional pet food companies are finally stepping up to the plate in competition with companies such as Freshpet. For example, Colgate-Palmolive now mixes berries into their dog food in order to help overweight dogs slim down. As a result, it appears that eating more similarly to their owners is enjoying a new popularity. It has been reported that sales of wholesome, premium dog food have increased up to as much as 45 percent or $10.5 billion from 2009. However, there is some controversy about the new feed-your-pet-more-organically movement on the part of Wall Street since manufacturing meats, such as chicken, isn’t cheap. At the time of its initial public offering, Freshpet started at a price of $15 and has since lost half of its initial value.

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If you are a proud pet owner and love your dog as a family member, then without a doubt your dog’s health is a major concern to you. Of course, our pet’s can’t feed themselves – walk down to the pet shop and buy their own food; they depend on us to feed them. What you feed your dog on daily basis will eventually affect your dog’s health and even their behavior, which is why the food they eat is important.

Good Dog Food is Important for Health

It’s true; dogs will eat almost anything, if they are hungry enough. Although, dogs will eat almost any kind of food like Beneful if they are hungry enough, they do have specific likes and dislikes just like us humans. Of course, we can’t just feed our pet’s whatever food they like or want like children, because they would not get all the needed nutrition their bodies require to be healthy.

It is tempting to give your dog treats from off your table during dinner time, but human food isn’t the best thing for your dog. Actually, much of today’s people food isn’t very healthy to human’s either, and that same for dog foods as well. So, if you’re like me, a dog lover, then what you feed your dog is as important as what I feed myself and my family. However, I can’t feed my dog Nikki – a little stray dog we found years ago, the same food we eat and expect her to be as healthy as us. Why?

Dogs require special nutrients and foods to maintain their health. There are many dog food brands today, much too many to mention here. It is… staggering trying to navigate through all of them to find ‘the’ best food for your little family member, your dog. I was fortunate enough to have found some dog treats at grocery store, which I bought for Nikki to try, and when I gave her some she was immediately hook!

Those dog treats were Beneful IncrediBites Adult Dog Food by Purina – a well-known dog food brand. Since then, Nikki always gets excited when we give her the snacks. Dog food isn’t cheap, and we have a home prepared diet for her to save money while at the same time making sure Nikki’s health is good. However, the Beneful IncrediBites Adult Dog Food is still very important, because it makes her happy and it’s good for her.

After talking with my husband for months about it, I was ready to own my first dog. We don’t have any children, and my husband didn’t want to have to clean up after anyone, at least until we had her own kids. I let him know that if we got a dog of our own, then we could learn how to care for someone other than ourselves while we were waiting to have our own kids. He finally broke down and agreed that we could get a dog, and I was excited. He told me absolutely no puppies, and the dog had to be housebroken.

He basically wanted me to get a dog that was fully grown, and that’s not what I wanted. I really wanted a little puppy, but I decided to side with my husband and get a full grown dog. I went to a dog shelter to pick up a dog because I know there are a lot of them that need a home. I was talked into getting a dog that was very small, but at least it was full grown. The dog was also very intelligent, and the person showed me the dog and also what kinds of things the dog could do.

They told the dog to go and pick up something in the room, and he went right for it, and that’s when I knew that I had found the perfect dog. I made all the preparations to take him home, and I decided that I would stop at the store to get some food for him before we got home. I wasn’t certain what food would be good for him because he was my first dog. I made a stop at the pet store instead of going to the grocery store because I needed some good advice.

The pet store clerk was amazing, and he explained to me why I should choose Beneful brand foods out of any other foods that were on the shelf. He did explain to me the benefits that some of the other foods had, but he also explained that Beneful was a wholesome food with real ingredients, and it was great tasting. I made a joke and asked him how he knew it tasted good, and he said he didn’t taste it himself, but his own dogs seemed to love it, so it must taste good. I was sold on the product, so I picked up a bag of Beneful.

On the way home the dog stuck his head out the window and was enjoying the breeze, and that’s another reason why I fell in love with the dog. I went straight home and got him a bowl of food, and he seemed to eat the Beneful on wikipedia with no problem, and he even wanted more. Fast-forward to a week later, and I’m absolutely in love with my dog. He’s very obedient, and I can’t see how he ever ended up in a shelter. I feed my dog Beneful every day, and I plan to buy more for him in the future.

Many people search for a dog food that they can afford, yet is good for their dogs. This can be a very arduous task, for there are countless different brands on the market and conflicting things are said about every brand out there. From the cheapest and most readily available dog food to the most obscure and expensive brands, there are always negative things said about dog food companies or the ingredients that they use. However, it is truly not a difficult task to find food that dogs like and is good for them. Purina is a brand that has been around for an exceptionally long time- and they would not still be in business if their products were inferior.

Purina’s Beneful dog food is available in most grocery stores and at prices that anyone can afford. There is a recipe for every age and size of dog, ranging from puppy to senior. Beneful is available in both dry and canned varieties, which ensures that there is something that even the pickiest dog will enjoy. As dogs are prone to food allergies, Beneful offers a wide variety of meat as the protein source in their recipes; they offer chicken, turkey, lamb or beef; and they include vegetables such as carrots and spinach in both their canned and dry foods. It is extremely important for there to be vegetables and fruits in the food that a dog eat; as, contrary to popular belief, dogs are not obligate carnivores.

These treats use real meat and oftentimes include cheese in their recipes- and every dog owner knows that dogs like cheese. Having treats and food from the same brand ensures that a dog will not turn their head up when they are offered something new and they will not end up with an upset stomach when they are offered something to try, because they are already accustomed to Beneful.

Because there are many people who cannot afford excessively pricey dog food and treats, Beneful makes sure to keep their prices at a range that any dog owner can afford, even if they are on a very small, fixed income. They do use the best ingredients available and adhere to strict guidelines on food preparation; Beneful strives to keep their prices low, even when the economy is unstable.