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Lime Crime is notorious for rolling out new products in small collections. Founder Doe Deere and her team frequently say that if they aren’t absolutely obsessed with a product or a shade they simply won’t release it. So, while there are always hundreds of ideas cooking in the Lime Crime beauty lab, many of them never see the light of day. Doe Deere prides herself on only offering fans the best of the best beauty products. The beauty company teased the rollout of a new line of products several weeks ago and we have all been waiting to see what exactly the new Diamond Dew product actually was. Fans guessed everything from liquid highlighter to a new sparkly gloss.

LimeCrime did not disappoint when it announced its latest collection had officially launched. Diamond Dew is a new line of liquid eyeshadows that can transition from day to night with ease. The product can be used on the bare lid or applied over eyeshadow to give your favorite shade an extra sparkle. Diamond Dew also transitions easily to be used as a highlighter on the cheeks, shoulders or any place else you want to sparkle like a diamond.

Colors include Dragon, a sparkly teal, and Starlight, a rich rose gold that would add the perfect amount of sparkle to any shade you desire. Colors like Starlight are also perfect as a cheekbone highlighter or to give your shoulders a sun-kissed sparkle. Each shade can be purchased for $20 and the entire collection can be bought for $170, giving you a great amount of savings for your new favorite sparkle shadows.

Doe Deere prides herself on only using the highest quality of ingredients in her Lime Crime products. Diamond Dew holds true to that standard. Her secret formula has reflective elements and the liquid is incredibly lightweight. It is made to dry quickly after you apply, making sure there is no smudging. After applying your eyes sparkle like the moonlight. As with any Lime Crime product, Diamond Dew will last from day to night. Although, it never hurts to add a little more sparkle!