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There are very few assistant coaches in basketball history have had the kind of unmitigated success in their career at such an early age as Yanni Hufnagel. The Jewish kid from Scarsdale, New York who grew up loving a game there was no hope of him ever succeeding as a player has found the success that he knew he was capable of as a coach. Yanni Hufnagel has the kind of career accomplishments at the mere age of 30.

Hufnagel started out life with a love for basketball that few thought would ever lead to anything more than being a fan cheering form the cheap seat. Hufnagel wasn’t about to accept that, however. He started to educate himself, knowing that just as with everything else in life, knowledge would be the key to unlocking the dreams that he had for his life. He started to read every book that he could get his hand son about coaching strategy, sports theory, leadership, teaching the fundamentals and mechanics of the game, and even biographies of some of the most famous and successful coaches in history.

He got his first professional break in connection to the game when he took a job at the local public broadcasting station calling games for local teams. Even then his broadcasting partner would joke that Yanni Hufnagel would grow up to be one of the most famous basketball announcers in history or one of the best all around coaches the game had ever known. After becoming the student basketball manager during his first year at Cornell, he started down a career path that would lead him to positions working with some of the best programs in the country including Cal Tech, Vanderbilt, and even back to his alma mater Cornell.

Despite all of this he still has a desire to achieve. He is one of the most sought-after coaches in the country, not only for his acumen in the game, but also for his seemingly preternatural ability for recruitment, and especially to getting a player to say yes. Now he is embarking on the next chapter of his career story with his recently joining the coaching staff of the University of Nevada Fighting Wolf Pack. At Nevada, he will be taking on even more responsibility, and will be preparing himself for the next logical step that is sure to come to his career soon, the big chair of head coach. For now, however, Hufnagel is excited about his opportunities in Nevada and looks forward to helping the Wolf Pack built upon the great program that they already have, and get to be even better.