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Highland Capital is a small cap equity fund with a knack for picking lucrative stock. Last year the fund returned a 36 percent return in their class A portfolio, as opposed to the S&P 500 which only returned 12 percent. The main producing investment last year was in the energy sector. Despite bottoming oil prices the fund managed to use their credit competency to secure pipeline partnerships in order to contribute to those amazing returns.


Now they are shifting considerable focus to the healthcare sector, which could prove a major indicator for those who desire to reach the competency and success they experience last year. Currently 25 percent of its capital is tied up in healthcare assets. Healthcare which is currently out of favor as returns have seemingly dipped, but this fund seems to see something that others may not currently see. The funds other assets are in real estate (9%), financials (10%), Consumer discretionary (11%), and of course energy MLP (16%). The company sites the fast tracking of opoid epidemic pain relief medicine as a as a key reason to why health care returns look interesting.


Not only is Highland Capital Management producing massive profits but they are also donating in a massive way. This company sponsors an array of charities and organizations, such as, the Dallas Foundation, the Santa Barbara Foundation, and the SMU Cox School of Business. It also goes without saying that the business also creates a number of high paying jobs. The company currently manages about 15 billion in assets and is growing rapidly.