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There are thousands of customers who made the switch with over 340,000+ additional online customers. Their loyal customer patrons have been able to use their integrated technology features to maximize their earnings. Get the benefits of a bank with their core expertise in personalized, commercial, and investment accounts. Your money is backed with a proud $40 billion dollars on assets and government FDIC insurance. Take advantage of more ways to save with a 1.9% interest bearing savings account from NexBank. Thousands of customers have made the switch to a local trusted financial institution providing more than just a big name.

NexBank Services & Features

– Anytime account access

– Direct deposit

– Switch money in between accounts

– Multiple device capabilities

– Mortgage accounts

– Free online bill pay

– 24/7 customer support

– Credit rebuilding program

John Holt, is the CEO and president of the NexBank financial corporation nationwide. PRN Newswire says, he was the perfect keynote speaker at a recent Texas Banker’s Association Annual Strategic Opportunity Financial Conference. His commitment is extended to improving the services of his personalized customers. You can register for an account by visiting the NexBank website for more details. You’re invited to the freedom of controlling your financial goals with NexBank.