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Autism Rocks is a concert promoter founded by Sanjay Shah to help raise money for autism research, but Sanjay is much more than a fundraiser. He is the founder of Solo Capital, and he uses his position of prestige to hire the best rock and roll acts in the world for his concerts. Every concert is designed to raise as much money as possible, and Sanjay uses a network of companies to distribute to cash he raises. This article explains how Autism Rocks has changed the way people raise money.

#1: How Big Are The Concerts?

The concerts organized by Autism Rocks are bigger than many others around the world. Acts like Lenny Kravitz play huge arenas in support of Autism Rocks, and the organization makes millions every year for autism research. Sanjay has set up a trust and research company to use the money, and he personally appears at many of these events to support them.

#2: Sanjay Builds Relationships

Sanjay has built relationships in the music business as he creates his concerts. Every concert is designed to make as much money as possible, and Sanjay calls on many of the same people to play his events. He has worked with acts like Joss Stone and Snoop Dogg in the past, and he will call on his friends in the music industry to create new concerts in the future.

#3: How Is The Money Spent?

Source: About Solo Capital & Sanjay Shah

The money raised is sent to a trust that Sanjay created to manage the funds. The trust helps grow the principal balance of the funds, and the trust sends the money to a research organization that Sanjay Shah founded to help further research of autism. He knows that autism is a mysterious disease, and he wants to funnel as much money as possible to research.

Autism Rocks is a brilliant organization that uses rock concerts to raise money for kids with autism. The organization has hired some of the biggest names in music, and Sanjay Shah manages the foundation when he is not behind his desk at Solo Capital. The brilliance of Autism Rocks is in its simplicity.