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Some people became lawyers because it is a great professional with appealing benefits. As for Bruno Fagali, practicing law is a passion. Considering how much dedication Bruno Fagali  has given to work, it seems more of a calling than just working to earn a living. Bruno has numerous years of experience in administrative and other disciplines of law. His career started in 2006 and Bruno has been changing the face of law since then.


As Bruno Fagali worked for firms, his goal was to have his practice. Finally, Bruno managed to achieve his dream. The long career journey began with pursuing a law degree at Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paolo. Bruno went ahead and earned a Masters degree. He is glad for the academic foundation he got because it has been a significant pillar in his achievements.

Alleviating Impunity

Using his expertise in administrative law, Bruno Fagali is determined to be a solution to the problem. Through his knowledge and qualification in ethics, compliance and regulatory law, Bruno is fighting corruption. He believes in upholding accountability and transparency. A nation can live on integrity and moral values.

The particular areas of interest for Bruno are in public funds. This section experiences a lot of challenges such as misappropriation of funds and embezzlement. Bruno is part of an initiative that is working diligently to end this deep-rooted culture. Eliminating corruption in public institutions is a demanding task. Bruno anticipates more people will join his cause.

Other Specialties

Bruno Fagali is not just a lawyer in courts and organization. He is also an integrity manager, working for an advertising company. He advises the organization on ethical practices, mainly because they receive business from government institutions. The advertising company also works closely with non-governmental organizations. Working with Bruno is an exciting experience because he has a lot to give the society. As he does his work, Bruno is keen to mentor budding professionals. He believes Brazil will become a great nation when young people are shown the right path to follow. When integrity and ethics prevail, the society and country will steadily move forward.

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