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ClassDojo has raised a bunch of money to make an app for teachers and parents alike. They have raised over twenty one million dollars for the cause. This technology helps teachers and parents stay connected to discuss their children and the children in their classroom.

This app allows teachers to communicate a lot of different things to parents. It allows them to talk about their behavior in the classroom. It allows them to talk about a child’s social skills. It also is a platform to talk about any activities a student is participating in.

The founders of ClassDojo are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. Chaudhary says that the point of ClassDojo is to help with learning by encouraging conversations between parents and teachers. This allows both parties to offer support to each other and students. This way parents know exactly how well their children are doing in any given school year.

There are a lot of benefits for teachers when using this platform. Teachers can use it to let parents know of any activities that are occurring that month. They can also send photos to parents through the app to show what their child is doing that day. They can also send videos to parents.

ClassDojo was made in 2011. The founders said there were a lot of apps centered around learning such as grade books and platforms for testing. However, there wasn’t anything to foster communication between teachers and parents. Now teachers that are instructing kindergarten through eighth grade use this app the most.

The great thing about this company and app is they have promised not to make money off of people’s personal information. They believe that the privacy of children is important. They will be creating content that people pay for.

This app also allows parents to pay teachers for certain activities. They can pay them for supplies and lunches. They can also pay them for field trips.

ClassDojo was created in 2011. On their website they have resources for both teachers and students. The teacher resources shows you how to use the program.

The mission of ClassDojo is to establish a community where parents, teachers, and students can change the way they are educated. This company is one of the fastest growing teaching technologies. It is used by over a million people. It is used in over one hundred and eighty different countries around the world.

Step into the life of one real-world, working family. Dad drops off the kids at school and Mom realizes that she forgot to send Jr. with anything to drink. Jr. has to stay after school today and is going to gym, so he needs his usual juice box for lunch plus a bottle of water. One quick text-like message to Teacher. About five minutes later, zap, Mom and Dad both get a picture of Jr. holding up his lunchbox, juice box, bottle of water, and a wide grin. Dad and Mom instantly are relieved and the teacher gets instant feedback. A heartfelt thank you, encouragement and appreciation for everything Teacher does on a daily basis.

It is this style of instant, affirming, and necessary communication that Class Dojo brings to the modern classroom. In the moment of what is essentially a text message; parents, teachers, and students are engaging, virtually.

Students receive daily, and sometimes hourly, feedback. “Way to go” on that spelling test Jr. studied for with Mom. “Great presentation” with a snapshot of Jr. confidently poised before his peers. It is this sort of contact that keeps parents, students, and teachers abreast of the daily work, improvement, and areas of need for young scholars. Students can easily reflect on their own progress and achievements with the constant communication.

Teacher’s keep abreast of the changing needs of students with the communication and help of parents. This type of open forum is essential for happy parents and hands-on teachers.

The app is easy to upload and simple to use. It works a lot like text messaging works. The app can also be used online through a private website provided to parents at the beginning of each school year. Each parent has their own passcode that links them directly to their student’s information. No other parent is able to see the details for another student.

Fast forward to the end of Mom and Dad’s workday and Jr.’s school day. Mom and Dad high five each other for remembering to put Jr.s lunchbox and water bottle near the front door. They also give Jr. a high five for his radical public speech at school.

That is what Class Dojo offers. It is an opportunity to bring the family together – both at school and at home for students.

If you aren’t familiar with the mobile app ‘Handy’ then you likely will be in the next couple of years. The company and corroborating application was founded and built by Oisin Hanrahan and friend Umang Dua. Handy, also known as Handybook, is aiming to be the final on demand service that you’ll ever need and so far the company is surging in a way that makes the goal not even slightly hyperbolic. Hanrahan calls Handy, ‘The Uber of home maintenance’ and if their numbers are any indication he might just be right.

Handybook’s goal is to offer on demand services to customers all over the world. You merely open up the application and input the type of work you need done around the house. These services range from home cleaning to furniture moving and construction with all sorts of jobs in between to fill out the niches. Right now the company is loaded with freelancers who utilize Handybook as a means of offering services and their numbers are showing 10,000 booked jobs per month. Right now Handy is operating only in 13 large cities, primarily in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and San Francisco, but their current success could only mean that a larger expansion is on the horizon.

Handy is all about giving customers the convenience that they need and that’s why you can see such a renewed focus on making the application smooth and easy to operate for both job providers and job consumers. Simply attach your credit card to the application, enter your zip code, and then order your job. From there you’ll get to fill out a host of important details such as start time, end time, where you are needing the job done and so on.

Knowing that freelancers are tough to moderate, Handy has put a renewed focus on screening their job providers and ensuring that all workers are top notch. With quality workers offering quality services there seems like full success is all but guaranteed at this point in time. Handybook was started back in 2012 and continues to grow at astronomic rates.

HomeJoy is a startup company providing home cleaning and repair services. It was founded by siblings Adora and Aaron Cheung in 2013 and now operates in five countries. Originally the organization was funded by investors like Google ventures and First Round Capital.Recent reports indicate that HomeJoy has filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11.These decisions were in response to several unresolved issues related to lawsuits.

Several suits threatening the company to reclassify contractors as employees would increase their labor cost by 20% to 30%. HomeJoy’s major competitor is Handy and speculations are that HomeJoy became bankrupt due to Handy being in competition.
Handy Home services was formerly known as Handybook. Their website lets you book cleaning services and related home maintenance. Handybook was founded in June 2011 by Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Weina Scott of Harvard University and Ignacio Leonhardt of Duke and London School of Economics.This service company operates in United States, United Kingdom and Canada.
Handy Home services provides home cleaning, office maintenance, interior painting, electcal installation as well as  plumbing and faucet maintenance. Additionally they offer packing, moving and lifting,garbage disposal, furniture assembly, and other labor assistance services.

Handy raised funds of 2 million in October from Highland Capital and  General Catalyst. With the expansion of company, Handybook raised another 10 million dollars from David Tisch and existing Investors in October 2013. November of the same year saw Handybook acquiring Exec to make its presence being felt in the west coast.

Handy has over 10,000 professionals working for them in around 28 cities in three countries. Their success has continued over the past few years as they celebrated their millionth booking in June of 2015. Handybook reportedly acquired Homejoy after thy had ceased operations in response to contractor lawsuits. Handybook received investments of 30 million in in B round in 2014.  They proceeded to acquire London Incumbent Mopp at an unknown evaluation. Rebranding of the Handybook Home services made way for Handy in the market sector and demonstrates the organization’s strength in promotions.

Celebrating the festivity occasions is one of the best parts of the year. Individuals from different nations all around the globe will be commending the occasions together in soul, making it the ideal time to acquaint themselves with a vital celebratory activities. There are a lot of approaches to get into the festive spirits without spending much cash by any stretch of the imagination. Envision one of the city’s most experienced hymn choirs, to swing by and cincture all your most loved Christmas classics for just £20 donation.

The choir of St Peters College, Oxford has collaborated with a cleaning and DIY service handy to bump cash for crisis. Crisis is the national philanthropy for single vagrants that are devoted to completion of vagrancy by conveying extraordinary services and battling for change in the United Kingdom. Handy is welcoming all their application clients in New York and London to demand for proficient carolers by means of the handy application, to go to their home or office to spread some merry cheer.

On Thursday seventeenth Handy application clients all over New York can ask for The Village carolers while on Friday December 18th, Handy application clients in London can ask for the choir of St. Peter’s college, Oxford.

Handy, previously known as Handybook, was established in 2012 as a useful quick-fix for an age-old dilemma: finding trusted, powerful experts for normal family unit services. Handy is the least demanding approach to book trusted home cleaners and handymen, covering more than 20 urban communities in North America, Canada, and the UK. Its administrations ranges from Home Cleaners, plumber, Office Cleaners, Handymen, Circuit testers, Furniture Gathering and Moving Help.

It has created to wind up the main stage for associating people searching for family unit administrations with top-quality, pre-screened free administration expert. Handy in a split of a second matches great many clients consistently with trusted experts in urban areas all around the globe. With a consistent 60-second occupying process, secure disbursement, and a 100% cash back surety, Handy is the least demanding, most advantageous approach to book home services administrations.
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Let’s face it. With online dating, looks do matter. Men that are told that looks don’t matter were either lied to, or they took it to mean the wrong thing. For one thing, the lie that men have been told is that women are all the same. The truth is that different women require different things. There are women that admit that they need physical attraction. The only thing is that physical attraction is very subjective. Either way, it is important that the man tries to look his best when taking a picture to upload to his online dating profile so that he will get responses.

One of the dating sites that require the man to make himself as presentable as possible is AnastasiaDate. AnastasiaDate has tons of women who have uploaded their best picture. They have fixed their hair and put together their best look for their image. As a result, they have tons of men messaging them and trying to set up a date. The men should do the same. They should put together their best outfit and have someone take a picture of them and then upload it on their profile. They may not get as many messages, but they will get responses to the women that they get in contact with.

AnastasiaDate is filled with plenty of women that have an open mind. They must have an open mind since AnastasiaDate is designed for people that want to meet outside of their culture. They have to have an eagerness to meet people from a different culture to sign up. Men do not have to worry about being rejected because they are not from the same culture as the women. They are willing to work through the cultural differences in order to find some kind of common ground.

With online dating, if one puts up a good, almost professional looking picture, he is going to stand out from all of the other profiles that show people putting little effort into their profile. Women want to see that the men on the site take dating as serious as they themselves do.

The search for love is not an easy one. It can be hindered by many factors, not the least of which is finding a compatible someone in reasonable proximity to you. Now, thanks to the magic of digital technology and social media, that hunt has been made easier for many people with Skout.

Skout is the brainchild of Swedish entrepreneurs Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. In 2007, the two created a social network site for mobile devices that they thought would provide a service similar to Facebook. Instead, they discovered subscribers were using it as a type of dating service. Wiklund and Lindstrom, who also serve as the company’s C.E.O. and chief technology officer respectively, were quick to see the potential in such an app. Today, Skout emphasizes the service’s generalized user location feature, and claims that it has attracted more than 500,000,000 users. Skout is available in 180 countries, and can support 14 languages. It was one of 2013’s top dating apps, and consistently appears on Top Twenty lists for dating apps.

Skout ( operates on iOS and Android systems. Its software utilizes GPS to help users within a general radius track each other. This GPS tracking feature is only available to adult subscribers, and teenaged and adult subscribers are segregated. Subscribers of all ages can use Skout to create profiles and post recent activities for others to view, as with other social network sites. Subscribers can also use Skout’s app to exchange instant messages and virtual gifts. A feature unique to this app is “Shake To Chat”, which is activated by two users shaking their cellphones at the same time.

As a result, Wiklund and Lindstrom have branched out into other digital venues. As the dating app field has become far more competitive, the two began looking for new, different and entertaining ways to convince romance seekers to connect with each other via social networking. Fuse is an app that allows users to create their own social network, using their cell phone’s address book. The app is available worldwide. And in 2014, the duo purchased Nixster which allows users to purchase tickets and see nightlife opportunities in major American cities such as New York and Los Angeles.