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Nihi Sumba is a luxury resort located on the Indonesian island of Sumba. It is on the west coast and 33 miles from the Tambolaka Airport. This resort started out as a beach hostel that was built by two surfers from New Jersey as it is said to have the best waves in the world. Fashion mogul and entrepreneur Chris Burch bought this beach hostel from them in 2012 along with his business partner, hotelier James McBride. After shutting it down for three years during which time they spent $30 million completely remodeling it was reopened as a five-star beach resort in 2015.

Chris Burch has three personal residences which are in Miami, the Hamptons, and at Nihi Sumba. When he is at this resort he stays at his villa which is called Raja Mendaka, in all it has 27 private villas each with its own pool. Two of the private villas are two stories tall and a bamboo bridge connects them together on their second floors. Each villa is designed in the traditional Sumbanese way and features antiques, Ikat prints, and locally sourced wood throughout.

Chris Burch’s hotel has supported the people on this island in a number of ways. His resort has become the biggest jobs creator on this island, for instance. They also give a portion of the profits that are generated to local nonprofit calls the Sumba Foundation which builds projects that support the Sumbanese community.

The rates for each villa are located on the Nihi Sumba website. they are based on double occupancy and include local excursions, wi-fi, meals, non-alcoholic drinks, and several of the sea activities they offer, source (Nihi.com). The prices range from $795 a night for the Wave Front One Bedroom Villa to $12,375 a night which is for Chris Burch’s private home that includes five villas and while staying guests can engage in paddle boarding, horseback riding, yoga, surfing, fishing, a spa safari, and more.

Chris Burch says that the two main reasons he bought the Nihi Sumba was first for his kids and second in order to support the people on Sumba. He and his kids fell in love with the island when they first visited it and he has called it easily one of the most beautiful places on Earth. He says it provides a great palette which enabled him and James McBride to do things, like a spa under a waterfall, to do things that have never been done before, click https://chronicleweek.com/2018/06/worlds-best-surf-chris-burchs-nihi-sumba-resort/.