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The interest of Jed McCaleb has always been technology. Since he is a professional programmer, he started eDonkey which is a vast network for sharing files. Why did he create eDonkey? As a successful programmer with the right knowledge, he wanted to ensure things are done with efficiency making life easy for all his customers. The good thing with Jed McCaleb is his experience in the world of finance. His company, Stellar has tried to bring economic opportunities close to everyone. It is backed by another organization called that combines digital objectives in finance and technology. Other entrepreneurs can try to comprehend this and follow what McCaleb has done.

Since Jed McCaleb is a technology expert, he got interested with Bitcoin. It is the main idea that led to the start of Stellar. Jed McCaleb saw an excellent opportunity to make use of Bitcoin in connecting different institutions. He wanted to use it as a tool for sharing. There is the possibility of providing people with bank access and being able to save money if the functionality of Bitcoin is harnessed. Bitcoin could also be helpful to people who frequently receive or send money. It can now be done without having to incur high charges. Stellar is a company that works to do away with institutions such as banking that impose high charges to customers. Some businesses today are using Stellar in finance.

Jed McCaleb, the creator of Stellar, is an entrepreneur who works hard always to be productive. He works with teams so that he can balance between developing technology and business management. He runs his company through the use of focus and reactive methods. When Jed McCaleb is focusing, he can build, and he concentrates on all company details. During his reaction, he is doing things like answering questions, emails and targeting other things that are essential in his entrepreneurial life. He is always efficient when following these two tactics of running his business.

Jed McCaleb has achieved such success in business because he has a proper understanding of the many benefits associated with the advancement of technology. He has a passion for artificial intelligence, and he is sure that blockchain technology comes with many opportunities.

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