How NGP VAN Is Working To Address Diversity Matters In Their Industry

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NGP VAN is a provider of software expressly used by progressive and Democratic candidates during their runs for office. Many high profile politicians have used their software to manage their political campaigns such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders who have all run for President of the United States. Their software is also used by candidates running at the state and local level.

This organization was founded in 1997. They offer a comprehensive suite of software programs to manage every aspect of running a political campaign. This includes fundraising, field organizing, compliance, social media, and new media software packages. In addition to politicians, hundreds of labor unions in the United States have used software provided by NGP VAN as well.

NGP VAN is based in Washington D.C. They have supported a number of progressive causes. One example of this is their hosting a “Day Without Woman” event which was a celebration of female employees at their organization and others. Pretty much every industry struggles with diversity and the one that NGP VAN is in is no different. The goal was to acknowledge the vital role and huge value that woman bring to the workforce. Beyond “Day Without Woman” NGP VAN has also been hard at work promoting values of equality in their workplace.

NGP VAN is a data analytics firm. People from both sides of the aisle are increasingly turning to data analytics in order to get a better understanding of the people who voted for them. This helps them to create smarter and more engaging political campaigns. The software that NGP VAN provides can help campaign personnel better see what their voters look like, what their values are, and what types of reforms they would like to see those in government engage in.

Another recent focus of the team at NGP VAN is on the important role that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) voters have. They are seeking to make their software more inclusive and more LGBTQ friendly. One example of this is using non-binary gender pronouns in the contact records of voters. This helps volunteers, donors, and supporters address these voters in the most accurate manner.