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Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. As the CEO of this company, he was responsible for all businesses that were under the conglomerate. One of the firms under the conglomerate was the Pratt & Whitney. P&W is a jet engine manufacturer for commercial and military planes. Before Louis Chenevert was appointed the CEO of UTC, he was taken from this company where he was working as the president. The promotion was made because of the good results that the company recorded while he was in leadership. He recorded profits at a time when other businesses were making losses. This became the highlight of his career before joining UTC.

Pratt & Whitney dealt with design, manufacture, and servicing of aircraft engines. The company is one of the biggest forms in the world making over $1 billion in profits every year. The firm employs over 33,000 workers. Being placed at the head of such a company is no mean achievement. You must have proved you deserve it. The position was coming not long after he was joined the firm. After seeing what was happening at Pratt & Whitney, the parent company, UTC came looking for this person who was different from anyone else and who had managed the firm.

One of the notable achievements that Louis Chenevert made with P&W was the creation of the geared turbofan engine. This is one of the most advanced aircraft engines. Louis Chenevert felt that this engine would be the main product for the company in years to come. When he moved to UTC as chairman in 2006, he did not forget the plan to create this engine.

Louis Chenevert at UTC was no different, jut more responsibilities. He continued doing wonders. This time he was head of the aerospace industry as well as other product which were produced by various conglomerates under the company. Some of these products include HVAC’s escalators and elevators among others. Louis Chenevert took up the new job and performed it with great passion. He made sure that all that he was supposed to accomplish was accomplished. He left the company in 2014 after giving it 6 years of consistent profits.