The center for policy studies recently launched policy programmes that were supposed to focus on addressing issues that affect the lives of people with a possible influence on their future. The policy programmes include; business and enterprise, housing and planning, cost of living and tax and welfare geared towards providing individual people with a sense of self-control and also a sense of ownership.

The launch of these programs came as an effort to provide support to a generation initiative that was launched previously as a platform for new policy thinking to help generate new ideas for policies after Brexit Britain. Each policy programme was assigned a qualified individual to run; Tom Clougherty of the Adam Smith Institute as head of tax, Rachel Wolf as head of welfare and Graham Edwards as chairman for housing.

The appointed programme heads are competent individuals with a unique portfolio. The announcement by Graham Edwards that he is willing to join the groups not only as the chairman of the new housing policy but also as a CPS research fellow is undoubtedly one of the best moves towards ensuring the success of this initiative.

Graham Edwards is a successful investor and entrepreneur who has been the Chief Executive officer for Telereal Trillium since 2001. His business expertise has been the main reason for his excellence in real estate and software development. The stewardship of Graham Edwards has ensured tremendous business success in his company, Telereal Trillium, which registers the largest sales in Britain. His recent ground-breaking deal to sell a 55-property portfolio was worth £550 million (Wikipedia).

Certainly, the CPS did a wise and noble consideration to appoint Graham Edwards as the chairman of the housing programme. The evidence of his success in real estate not only shows that he can improve the current antecedence but can also enact problem-solving policies that can help propel this generational initiative in the housing programme.

It is plausible that Graham Edwards agreed to join the initiative without a demur because his impeccable skills and expertise coupled with adequate knowledge and unique understanding of life issues postulate that he is set to make tremendous improvements in his department.