Ara Chackerian is Building a Legacy Through Environmental Philanthropy

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Protecting the forests of the world is an admirable effort, and one that Ara Chackerian has dedicated his life to through forestry work. The forests of the world provide so much to society and culture, and Chackerian is enthusiastic about helping people discover how the forest and the unique ecosystems within them fit into their lives. Through different programs and types of outreach, people can learn how to both protect, conserve, and incorporate the wilderness of the forest and all that it provides into their daily lives in order to ensure the health of forests all over the world.




Based on patch, a huge portion of the work that Ara Chackerian does is dedicated to managing the forests and the ways in which humans have an impact on them and the resources that can be found within them. Surveying and protecting wildlife, trees, and flora is essential to the health of a forest. Trees are curated through the efforts of qualified individuals, and public outreach is used to ensure that these efforts don’t end but continue to be used and taught for generations.


In his professional life Ara is not only an enthusiastic philanthropist and environmental advocate, but an entrepreneur and healthcare professional. In his role in business, Chackerian has served as board member to various companies and business related endeavors, and served in seeing philanthropic projects through to completion. As an angel investor, he has helped bring about change in the healthcare field through funding projects and types of research that was needed, but underserved. Even though he is able to make huge strides in the healthcare sector, Chackerian is most dedicated to creating a legacy that not only helps students and families today, but changes communities for the generations yet to come by lifting youth up through work in the non-profit sector. You can visit for more details.