OSI Group Broadens Food Service Options by Acquiring Tyson Food Plant

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The OSI Group is known as being one of the premier global food providers around the world. The company partners with not only retail food brands, but also food service leaders to provide service to customers everywhere in the world. OSI works to offer the customer with food solutions that are customized for their personal preferences, as well as working hard to make sure that food safety and quality does not suffer when making it more personalized for consumers.

OSI is able to offer such personalized food to the table options, by working with integrity, striving continuously to improve, and by exploring innovative solutions. One such way that the OSI group has better improved their options of what they could provide to their customers was by acquiring a food processing facility, as well as a storage warehouse that recently belonged to Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods which is an Arkansas based business owned the 200,000 square foot plant that was already close to an existing OSI food plant. The company felt that by acquiring the former Tyson Food plant that they were placing themselves in a better position to support their future growth in the food service and retail business. OSI Group LLC works constantly to meet the need of their customers and this purchase broadened the OSI realm of plants and thus expanded their possibilities in the food industry, as well as their net worth.

OSI continues to serve customers around the world and from facilities located in a multitude of countries including the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. As the company continues to grow, they will most likely continue make acquisitions just like the Tyson Food plant. By adding such facilities onto the company, the OSI Group is sure to continue to be the leader of a food network that is working to demonstrate impressive food resources, as well as phenomenal product development.

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