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The SENS Foundation is a charitable organization located in California. The organization is led by CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey, the primary innovator behind the research being done with the hopes of finding answers to the age-related diseases that plague our older popular. Dr. Aubrey De Grey recently found an equally charismatic partner in Jason Hope, a renowned futurist, and entrepreneur from Scottsdale, AZ. Jason Hope has spent the majority of his career working in the mobile communications field, but now Hope is working to bring about real change in the field of biotechnology. When Hope begins to invest time and money into a project, people should begin to pay more attention.

The SENS Foundation has been working toward solutions to age-related disease for over a decade now. Dr. Aubrey De Grey is the primary instigator behind the project as he has donated more than $10 million of his own money into his work while becoming the face of the facility. Jason Hope found out about the facility after doing extensive research into biotechnology. Hope was of the same mindset that Dr. De Grey was, with both individuals believing that there was no need to simply accept the problems that come with aging. Hope and De Grey would have a near instant connection that would turn into something more than just business, their connection would turn into a shared-quest to bring solutions to the problems associated with aging.

Facilities like the SENS Foundation are almost always struggling to earn the necessary funding to keep their doors open. When Hope became acquainted with the facility and the work of De Grey, he realized that he could put his money to good use. Hope would end up signing a $500,000 check in order to help the SENS Foundation invigorate their research facility. The SENS Foundation uses biotechnology to look for ways to prevent disease and improve our quality of life. Outside of medicine, biotechnology is being used in agriculture, food production and even simpler aspects of understanding medicine that we already use extensively. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

Dr. De Grey announced Jason Hope’s investment at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco for an event known as ‘Breakthrough Philanthropy’. The event was hosted by Peter Thiel, of the Thiel Foundation, and Hope was in attendance. Hope was honored for his donation and his speech was considered one of the highlights of the entire night of festivities.

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The center for policy studies recently launched policy programmes that were supposed to focus on addressing issues that affect the lives of people with a possible influence on their future. The policy programmes include; business and enterprise, housing and planning, cost of living and tax and welfare geared towards providing individual people with a sense of self-control and also a sense of ownership.

The launch of these programs came as an effort to provide support to a generation initiative that was launched previously as a platform for new policy thinking to help generate new ideas for policies after Brexit Britain. Each policy programme was assigned a qualified individual to run; Tom Clougherty of the Adam Smith Institute as head of tax, Rachel Wolf as head of welfare and Graham Edwards as chairman for housing.

The appointed programme heads are competent individuals with a unique portfolio. The announcement by Graham Edwards that he is willing to join the groups not only as the chairman of the new housing policy but also as a CPS research fellow is undoubtedly one of the best moves towards ensuring the success of this initiative.

Graham Edwards is a successful investor and entrepreneur who has been the Chief Executive officer for Telereal Trillium since 2001. His business expertise has been the main reason for his excellence in real estate and software development. The stewardship of Graham Edwards has ensured tremendous business success in his company, Telereal Trillium, which registers the largest sales in Britain. His recent ground-breaking deal to sell a 55-property portfolio was worth £550 million (Wikipedia).

Certainly, the CPS did a wise and noble consideration to appoint Graham Edwards as the chairman of the housing programme. The evidence of his success in real estate not only shows that he can improve the current antecedence but can also enact problem-solving policies that can help propel this generational initiative in the housing programme.

It is plausible that Graham Edwards agreed to join the initiative without a demur because his impeccable skills and expertise coupled with adequate knowledge and unique understanding of life issues postulate that he is set to make tremendous improvements in his department.

Ecigs are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Many smokers consider switching over from regular cigarettes to ecigs, but this switch can be confusing with all of the different products out there. Anyone who is paying even the slightest amount of attention has probably seen people using a multitude of different ecig devices. The question is of course, which ecigs are the best.

Smokers switch to ecigs for a variety of reasons, but there are a few that consistently appear. One of the main reasons is that ecigs use fewer chemicals than traditional cigarettes and many users are attracted to this fact. Ecigs are less messy as they don’t create ashes and they don’t leave the user and their clothes smelling like cigarette smoke. On top of these great reasons, a huge motivating factor that leads many to switch over the ecigs is the fact that the cost is greatly reduced. People soon realize that using an ecig will usually cut their smoking costs in half and often times more.

Recently, the ecig industry has been revolutionized with the advent of box mods. These mods are ecig vaporizers that have a much greater battery capacity and therefore last for the user much longer between chargings than standard vapor pens. The reference to a box is simply due to the fact that box mods tend to be larger than pen style ecigs and they have a box shape to them. Box mods are much more customizable than standard vapor pens as well which is another aspect that is making them increasingly popular in today’s ecig market. When a person chooses to go with a box mod for their ecig needs, they get the benefit of being able to customize the vaporizors tank as well as having superior temperature control. For these reasons, along with superior battery life, more and more discerning ecig users are switching to box mods. Box mods also provide an outstanding flavor that users of ecigs have come to love.

If a person is looking to switch over from cigarettes to ecigs or they are just looking to upgrade from a pen style vaporizer and enjoy the benefits of a box mod, O2Pur has what the consumer needs. O2Pur is a leader in the ecig industry and a leader in the box mod revolution. O2Pur offers some of the finest box mods available on the market today as well as offering them bundled in convenient starter kits which are perfect for those who are new to ecigs and want to get everything they need to get started in one go. From the 220W TC to the 40W and 02Pur’s outstanding line of top quality e-liquids, the company has everything a person who is new to the ecig vaping game will ever need.

Background and Overview of IC System


IC System is headquartered out of St. Paul, Minnesota. They are an accounts receivable company. An accounts receivable company is a company that specializes in outstanding invoices. A company that has already provided a service is entitled to compensation/accounts. This type of company is known as an accounts receivable company. IC Systems was created in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson.

In 1968, IC Systems became the first collection organization to upgrade their technology from typewriters to computers. To this day, IC uses the most current techniques for collection in order to maintain a name of quality in their industry.

IC System’s goal is to improve finances for consumers and their clients. They strive to provide an ethical and honest approach to business. They train their team of employees to utilize ethical practices.

IC has been audited by FRSecure. FRSecure confirms IC has data security. Security is highly important to IC. They have engaged in a very thorough audit, one that analyses the entire system as a whole, rather than just the sector that deals with credit cards. IC uses the CRMS (Compliance Risk Management System). CRMS involves extensive auditing, with a focus on documentation and training.


IC’s Five Main Core Values


IC’s five main goals are people, integrity, performance, pride and innovation. IC Systems believe in treating others with respect, honoring internal morals, providing outstanding quality with pride, and evolving towards better outcomes in the future.

IC holds “Core Value Awards” for their employees. Every quarter, IC awards a member that exhibited the five core values.

IC has greatly contributed to their community. They have their own charity committee called “E.C.H.O.” E.C.H.O. was initiated in 1981. Their focus is to analyze the solicitation of funds by IC and employees.

Some of the charities IC has donated to include American Red Cross, Relay for Life, Special Olympics, American Cancer Society and St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charities. IC has been consecutively nominated for the BBB Torch Award for Ethics.

A disturbing trend has been noted by Jewish advocacy groups concerning rising anti-semetism at Universities worldwide. Several instances of discrimination, hostility, and persecution have been reported by people of Jewish decent attending institutions of higher learning. In a US study from information gathered in years 2015 through 2017, Jewish students from four prominent American Universities reported dissident opinions towards Israel and open tolerance for anti-semetic views. At the prestigious ivy league college, Stanford, there has been an open discussion against Israel, with established movements like Boycott, Divest, and Sanction, or BDS, demonizing Israel and it’s supporters for their perceived oppression of Palestine. Many have argued that the BDS movement has increased racism against Jewish students. At Drexel University, a young man found a swastika and the word ‘Jew’ placed near his Israeli flag using duct tape and reported it to campus police. In fall of 2015, a Illinois student awoke to a black swastika spray painted outside her dorm window. Jewish advocate, Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein had this to say about the incident, “Its very sad when you realize hatred still exists”.

Reports of Jewish harassment, vandalism, and assault have poured in from all parts of the world. In 2017, the Community Security Trust organization, reviewed over 700 cases of anti-semetic incidents in the UK. For the 1st six months of 2017, the CST reported the highest number of anti-semetic cases since they began keeping record in 1984. The incidents range from violent assault to harassment via modern conventions like social media.

Some students have not found the openness of social media to be a tool against their oppression. After finding an offensive anti-semetic sticker, Izzy Lenga, a UK academic on the cusp of graduating, posted the image on social media. It was at this time, that Izzy learned how the unfiltered and uncensored style of the internet allows anti-semetism to fester with no regard for it’s victims. Within 24 hours of her posting, Izzy received over 2000 messages of hate and dissent, including messages from anti-Israel groups like National Action.

Adam Milstein, author, philanthropist, is an Israeli born entrepreneur who shares both his business and activism with his wife, Gila Milstein. Adam Milstein has a foundation dedicated to support of Israel, called the Adam Milstein and Gila Milstein foundation. Adam Milstein is also chairman of the board for the Israeli American Council.

Protecting the forests of the world is an admirable effort, and one that Ara Chackerian has dedicated his life to through forestry work. The forests of the world provide so much to society and culture, and Chackerian is enthusiastic about helping people discover how the forest and the unique ecosystems within them fit into their lives. Through different programs and types of outreach, people can learn how to both protect, conserve, and incorporate the wilderness of the forest and all that it provides into their daily lives in order to ensure the health of forests all over the world.




Based on patch, a huge portion of the work that Ara Chackerian does is dedicated to managing the forests and the ways in which humans have an impact on them and the resources that can be found within them. Surveying and protecting wildlife, trees, and flora is essential to the health of a forest. Trees are curated through the efforts of qualified individuals, and public outreach is used to ensure that these efforts don’t end but continue to be used and taught for generations.


In his professional life Ara is not only an enthusiastic philanthropist and environmental advocate, but an entrepreneur and healthcare professional. In his role in business, Chackerian has served as board member to various companies and business related endeavors, and served in seeing philanthropic projects through to completion. As an angel investor, he has helped bring about change in the healthcare field through funding projects and types of research that was needed, but underserved. Even though he is able to make huge strides in the healthcare sector, Chackerian is most dedicated to creating a legacy that not only helps students and families today, but changes communities for the generations yet to come by lifting youth up through work in the non-profit sector. You can visit for more details.




When it comes to the best investment advice, Banyan Hill Publishing is second to none. Ian King is one of the most important cogs in this machine and with his assistance, those who wish to learn more about the options that are available to them now have access to a key newsletter.


Crypto Profit Trader is a crucial newsletter for investors who are looking to remain ahead of the game. Ian King is someone who is able to differentiate the good investment ideas from the bad and he does so in a manner that is easy for investors of all skill levels to understand. Read this article about Ian King at Banyan Hill.


He has worked in a variety of capacities over the course of his career and this is what gives Ian King such a unique vantage point. After all, it is not every day that investors can receive advice from someone who has worked as a desk clerk, investment analyst, trader and venture investor.

These ventures have prepared him for everything that could possibly come his way. Investors will never be caught flat footed because Ian King is here to offer all of the information that is needed during the moments when it is needed most. His past track record more than speaks for itself.


Ian King got his start with Salomon Brothers and worked in their mortgage bond trading department. After he left this world famous firm, he made his way over to Citigroup. He worked in credit derivatives at this company before being hired at Peahi Capital. King spent a decade at this New York hedge fund before realizing that he was making others rich at his own expense.



While he was working on Wall Street as a venture investor, he discovered the magic of cryptocurrencies. Now that he is able to make others rich instead, he has been quick to pass along the secrets of his success to anyone who is willing to take a closer look at his awesome newsletter.


Crypto Profit Trader is an important tool for anyone who is looking to enhance their chances of striking it rich in the world of cryptocurrency investment. Ian King’s experiences have allowed him to develop a keen sense of what is next to come and this is the type of advice that any investor would be foolish not to consider going forward. Readers will always remain up to date when they are willing to rely on his advice. Stay updated with Ian at


Matt Badiali is a leading expert in providing investment advice regarding the area of natural resources. He is the editor of S&A Source Report and publishes a monthly investment publication called Real Wealth Strategist though investment publishing house Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt is also a huge proponent of investors putting their money into Freedom Checks.

A freedom check is defined by Matt Badiali as “a dividend that is paid by one of two types of companies, either a Master Limited Partnership or a Royalty Trust.” Freedom checks trade the way that norman stocks trade. Freedom Checks are a massive trend in the area of natural resource investing and Matt has been spending a lot of time in recent years counseling investors on which Freedom Check providers are the best. He has some simple rules to live by in choosing which Freedom Check providers to do business with. Visit to know more.

Matt Badiali’s Rules for Choosing a Freedom Check Provider:

– The first rule for choosing a Freedom Check provider is to only do business with company’s that have at least $1 billion in assets.

– The second rules Matt Badiali has is the only deal with companies that provide regular, large payments.

– Matt’s third rule is to only deal with companies that have built a well-established record of making their investors a lot of money.

– The fourth rule for Freedom Check investors in finding a provider is only deal with companies after seeing uncontestable evidence that the financials provided are completely legitimate. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

A Master Limited Partnership is a limited, publicly traded partnership that combines the tax benefit of a limited partnership while adding the liquidity of publicly traded securities. Royalty trusts are trusts that typically own natural resources such as oil or natural gas. It is required that an outside firm perform the operations of extracting the natural resources.


The OSI Group is known as being one of the premier global food providers around the world. The company partners with not only retail food brands, but also food service leaders to provide service to customers everywhere in the world. OSI works to offer the customer with food solutions that are customized for their personal preferences, as well as working hard to make sure that food safety and quality does not suffer when making it more personalized for consumers.

OSI is able to offer such personalized food to the table options, by working with integrity, striving continuously to improve, and by exploring innovative solutions. One such way that the OSI group has better improved their options of what they could provide to their customers was by acquiring a food processing facility, as well as a storage warehouse that recently belonged to Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods which is an Arkansas based business owned the 200,000 square foot plant that was already close to an existing OSI food plant. The company felt that by acquiring the former Tyson Food plant that they were placing themselves in a better position to support their future growth in the food service and retail business. OSI Group LLC works constantly to meet the need of their customers and this purchase broadened the OSI realm of plants and thus expanded their possibilities in the food industry, as well as their net worth.

OSI continues to serve customers around the world and from facilities located in a multitude of countries including the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. As the company continues to grow, they will most likely continue make acquisitions just like the Tyson Food plant. By adding such facilities onto the company, the OSI Group is sure to continue to be the leader of a food network that is working to demonstrate impressive food resources, as well as phenomenal product development.

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