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In 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK received the United Kingdom’s Globe of Honor Award for its environmental stewardship. OSI plus 17 other organizations won the honor. They each displayed excellence in environmental risk management. The audit period ranged from August, 2015 to July, 2016. The award was given by the British Safety Council at the Awards luncheon at Draper’s Hall in London at the end of November, 2016.

OSI was applauded for making their operation more sustainable by placing environmental protection at the same level as food safety and health. OSI production facility in the U.K. is located in Scunthorpe and has produced beef and pork products since 1989. The Chief Executive of the British Council, Mike Robinson presented OSI’s Environmental Manager Europe, Kelly Grimwood with the Award. To date OSI Food Solutions UK has won the Globe of Honor Award for the years 2013, 2015 and 2016.

OSI Food Solutions is a company that is always making ground breaking steps like its recent doubling of chicken production in Spain and Portugal. Steps that include their recent purchases of large food producers like Tyson Food, Baho Food and Flagship Europe have all contributed to making OSI Food Solutions an even bigger and more productive food supplier for restaurants and other food preparers.

In June of 2016, OSI Food purchased the Aurora-based Tyson Foods for $7.4 million. Tyson Foods expected to lay off 450 employees and at least 250 were still employed there when OSI completed the purchase. Those 250 employees kept their jobs and are now employed by OSI. OSI was happy to include the 200,000 square foot plant to the production capacity of their Chicago plant in the efforts to support their growing business.

In late 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired a controlling interest in the Dutch company, Baho Foods. Baho Foods produces deli meats and convenience foods for 18 European countries for the last 60 years. OSI felt adding Baho Foods would broaden OSI’s reach and its ability to serve the needs of its recently added customers.

In the latter months of 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe was a supplier to the U.K. food service market that included frozen poultry, pies, mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, sandwich fillings, marinades and dips. OSI saw this acquisition as an opportunity to gain access to more resources, open up new opportunities to serve new markets and broaden their ability to serve both new and old customers.

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