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The things that are going to be on the minds of voters this upcoming November aren’t hard to predict. The presidency of Donald Trump and the reign of the GOP has left many people upset with the current way things are being done. People want to see change and they want to see it come fast. This is why the blue wave coming about is going to be so important. It will show just how much people want to shake up the status quo in Washington. Removing incumbents from office is going to be a crucial first step in doing just that.

At first, people saw the blue wave as nothing more than a pipe dream, but we’ve already seen several premonitions suggesting it is very real. Doug Jones defeat of Roy Moore was the first clear sign but there were others to be found later on in various special elections across the country. These elections have so much going for them that people are going to come out in serious numbers in order to make sure their voice is heard. We can’t allow corporations to run the country or make the majority of our political decisions. There is a clear and obvious need to give the voters a final say in how things will turn out.

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Now that we have this entirely new wave of Democrats coming in to challenge the Republican incumbents that have brought us where we are today. There is a clear and obvious desire to make things much better than what we’ve seen in the past. This is going to be difficult to pull off because the GOP has gone through pains to make sure voters have a hard time reaching the polls, but the tidal wave is going to come back with the same amount of force. Democrats can win this if they focus on trying to give power back to the voters. People are certainly going to have to show up in order to make this happen. It won’t be easy and it won’t come quickly. Politics in America goes through cycles and we see times when Republicans are in power and times when Democrats are in power. It is time for another change and it seems that End Citizens United is on the right side of things. They know what people want to see and they are helping them finally realize it.

End Citizens United was created after the landmark United States vs. Citizens United case changed the way corporate donations were treated. End Citizens United was designed specifically to fight big money in politics. This year End Citizens United is expected to raise 35 million dollars, according to USA Today. This is an impressive figure based upon the fact that $14 is the average contribution amount that End Citizens United receives from the organization’s donors.