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No matter the field of work that a person partakes in, there are three main qualities that will help the individual’s progression in the long-run. The qualities included are efficiency, ingenuity and persistence. When it comes to a company/business that epitomizes this notion to the fullest, OSI Food Solutions is a top choice. “How does OSI fit the mold better than other companies in its class?” The answer to this question is very straight-forward. OSI Food Solutions can perform a myriad of services at the same time thanks to its immense physical size. Just remember, this company may be headquartered in the United States, but it has advanced facilities in other areas of the globe.

OSI has an abundance of high-capacity production lines. These production lines are loaded with technological advancements, which decreases production time. OSI Solutions Hungary personifies this notion brilliantly as its $25 million-addition can now process up to 22,000 tons of processed chicken on an annual basis. Yes, this is very true and the company’s new feed mill in China’s Shandong Province is capable of processing 600,000 metric-tons of feed in a year’s time. It doesn’t get more efficient than this. China and OSI Food Solutions has been doing business together for over 20 years. David McDougal, president and chairman of OSI, stated that “the company has an appetite for growth.” Quick-serve restaurants will be benefiting from OSI as well thanks to the company’s new frozen foods processing plant in India.

It seems as if every base is being covered at least twice. In a short five-years time, this company’s stock has tripled. OSI Food Solutions’ net worth is estimated to be into the billions of dollars. Since 2016, OSI has acquired Tyson Foods, has acquired BAHO Food and has acquired Flagship Europe. If that isn’t making a statement to how powerful this company has become, then nothing else will. Make it innovative is one of the company’s many slogans, and OSI Food Solutions definitely lives-up to the hype. It’s rather impossible to be this successful by chance, but there is a long list of satisfied clients that will attest to any and all claims.

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