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Should Young Adults Invest In Their Future?

The answer is yes, but many young adults do not consider investing until they are more financially stable. Even though those in their twenties are earning a low income and have student loan debts, they are actually in a good position to begin investing for their future.


Is Time On The Side Of The Youth?

Compounding interest, growing their investments, they can reinvest that money to continue to build their financial portfolio. Time is on the side of young adults in their twenties. Even though they may be on a tight budget, they should consider investing now for their future says Chris.

A young adult who is 20 years old, investing $10,000 at 5% interest, would increase over the years due to compounding interest. By the time they reach age 60, their investment would increase to over $70,000. An investment of $10,000 made by a 30-year-old would see an increase of approximately $43,000 when they reach the age of 60. Those who invest ($10,000) at age 40 would only see an increase of $26,000. It is safe to say that the earlier you start to invest, the more your financial portfolio will increase, giving you more money in your golden years says Chris.


Who Is Chris Linkas And Why Should You Take His Advice?

In April 2013, to the present, Chris Linkas has been working in the financial business and has become an expert. Chris specializes in real estate investments, such as secondary LP interest loans that are not performing, corporate loans, leases, commercial real estate, shipping, and renewable. The European Head of Credit is Chris Linkas since November 2012. This company is located in London, and he is in charge of 20-person European Credit Group. His responsibilities include conciliatory main investments in the UK-Euro regions. This includes Ireland, Benelux, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, and Greece (

Chris Linkas with his vast knowledge and experience in the financial sector is someone, anyone who consider investing, including those in their twenties, should listen to his advice. Chris Linkas believes that those who enter the financial field should have the knowledge needed to become successful.