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Southridge Capital LLC was created in 1996 by current Chief Executive Officer Steven Hicks to provide clients with individualized financial services that best suit the client’s needs. With over 25 years of experience Mr. Hicks and his team offer clients a wide range of services and their goal is to create relationships that are long-term and provide the best financial solutions that are mutually beneficial. To date Southridge Capital LLC has been successful in investing $1.8 billion globally and with their diverse knowledge are able to provide clients with many financial services that include Fund Management, Investment Banking, and Merchant Banking to name a few ( Southridge best serves its clients by utilizing a three tier plan that includes:


  • Securitization- Many times when companies are looking for capital they do not explore all their options. By using the services provided by Southridge clients are given advice on how to monetize the company’s existing assets base, how to procure loans using insider shares as collateral, and how to best utilize the company’s assets (


  • Credit Enhancing- Southridge works with companies to enhance their creditworthiness by negotiating with creditors to help eliminate the company’s debt in favor of common stock. By utilizing a company’s existing level of liquid stock, Southbridge is able to structure a financial plan that will present as little impact on the market as possible (


  • Financing Solutions- With their experienced staff Southbridge is able to provide resolutions to many fiscal issues by customizing solutions that are individually tailored to each client’s needs. Southbridge utilizes many avenues to help company’s and include loans against common stock, convertible debentures, convertible preferred stock, and an Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) that will help a company raise capital anytime they need to regardless of market conditions (


In addition to services geared to help companies raise capital and become successful, Southridge also strongly believes in social responsibility through philanthropy ( Southbridge believes that social responsibility helps strengthen their company and encourages volunteer work, community leadership and giving ( In 1998 the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Southbridge, Steven Hicks, along with his wife Mary Hicks created the Daystar Foundation which helps to support many charitable organizations ( Through charitable giving that includes their time and financial resources, Steven and Mary Hicks are able to positively affect the community and help to better the lives of people within the community (


Southbridge Capital LLC., is a company that is not only interested in helping company’s become stronger financially through a variety of investment strategies, but they also want to make sure the community is also strong through their active role in charity and philanthropy. By creating a stronger community Southbridge is able to also become a stronger company, and in turn assist struggling companies become fiscally sound. You can visit citybizlist for more details.


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