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Rejuvenation biotechnologies is a new area of medicine that seeks to provide people with eternal life. The goal isn’t just finding a way for people to live much longer, though. It’s also about people living healthier lives free of diseases. As people age they are prone to age-related diseases which companies in this field of medicine are seeking to halt from happening. One company in this industry is the SENS Foundation.

A number of years ago Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope learned about the SENS Foundation and their mission. He was inspired by what they wanted to accomplish. He ended up making a half-million contribution to this nonprofit so that they could build a new lab they needed to further their research. This was in 2010 and he subsequently gave over $1 million since that time. He says he is gratified to be able to help financially support anti-aging research and follows developments at the SENS Foundation closely.

Jason Hope was one of the early entrepreneurs in the mobile technology industry. He now invests in startups in the broader tech industry. He says he has a portfolio of companies he has invested in including search engine optimization firms, interactive software, digital media solutions, and business information systems. He says the future will rely on technology even more than it does today and the industry can only grow from here.

After he graduated from ASU with a degree in finance and then an MBA, he says that he knew he was going to need to do something business related. He established his first company in January 2004 when the mobile technology industry was in its infancy. Jason Hope has said that he was profitable early on although he had setbacks, just like any entrepreneur. He says having a healthy sense of doubt about your business’ success is good because it makes you try harder and anticipate issues. Its all about how you handle failure and successfully meet challenges that determines whether your company will fail or thrive.

Over the past year Jason Hope has extended the breadth of his writing. He has been writing about technology for a number of years but this was mostly on blogs. He is now reaching a larger audience so that people know what’s coming down the pike in the field of technology. He says he has scaled back some of his other work so that he has more time to write and perform research.

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