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Susan McGalla happens to be one of the most prominent women in the United States. Not only has she managed to make a name for herself but she has managed to rise to top positions for the organizations that she has worked with. She believes that women who rise to top positions within management should play an important role in assisting other women who are less fortunate. The confidence she acquired as a young child has helped her become a force to be reckoned with in a field that was perceived as a male field in the past. She credits this to being brought up by a strict father who was a football coach. Her father taught her from the onset of life that she had to work hard to make in life. Susan McGalla was also brought up alongside two brothers who played a crucial role in shaping her destiny. American Eagle Outfitters is the first organization that Susan McGalla had an opportunity of working with. However, she joined the company at a junior level and rose to top management. This happened despite the fact that the board of management of American Eagle Outfitters was dominated by men. By the time she left the company, she had risen to become the president of the company.

She left American Eagle Outfitters to establish her own company known as P3 Executive Consulting. This has not prevented her from holding other positions with established companies such as Pittsburgh Steelers. At this company, she in charge of Business Strategy and Creative Development department as a vice president. This is another field that has been dominated by men. She says that she started working with this company because it gave her a chance of doing what she loves and growing as a person. Susan McGalla says that she appreciates the fact that not all women are finding the opportunities that are available.

Susan McGalla was born on 31st May 1964 in East Liverpool, Ohio. She attended Mount Union College, and the education she received in this institution has played an important role in shaping her destiny. She has also worked with Joseph Horne Company and West Seal Inc.