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The future seems to be pretty bright and promising for businesspeople who are part of the educational technology field. Things were looking awful for them for several years. Investments in educational technology, however, are now on the up and up. They’re set to get to a whopping $1.4 billion as 2017 comes to a close as well. That doesn’t mean that these investments will necessarily get to $1.5 billion, though. There’s a good chance that they will not. That number was 2015’s big focal point. It’s essential to note, too, that 2018 education budget reductions are probable for the United States federal department. Both investors and entrepreneurs are looking at educational technology with a lot of hope. They’re also pretty wary at the same time.

2017 was a year that was beneficial for many startup organizations that focused on educational technology. It was particularly helpful to organizations that fulfilled specific sectors. LittleBits is the name of a coding device. It introduced a brand new kit in 2017. This kit was the recipient of glowing praise. People couldn’t keep their eyes off it at the National Principal’s Conference.

Nearpod is an example of a startup organization that concentrates on adaptive learning concepts. 2017 was full of achievement for Nearpod, too.

ClassDojo is a helpful communication platform that assists professionals who want to put together productive and strong classroom environments. It strives to involve students in considerable detail. It even strives to involve their parents on a regular basis. The people who represent this firm believe in the strength of ground-up change. The work hard to assist teachers who are trying to establish learning settings that are 100 percent positive. It’s a reliable communication app that’s designed to make classrooms much better and more efficient places for everyone. It assists students, teachers and even parents. Students who want to be able to quickly get in touch with teachers can depend on it. Parents who want to do the same can rely on it as well.

ClassDojo isn’t only a terrific thing for English speakers. The app is optimal for people who speak 35 other tongues.