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Cryptocurrencies are, put simply, a type of digital currency. Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are new to the world. Even though many people have invested large sums of money into various cryptocurrencies, it’s true that most people don’t know much about them.

Seeing as Bitcoin, the father of all cryptocurrencies, has only been around for 9 years, it makes sense that not many people know about it, or any cryptocurrency, for that matter.

New Things Require People To Look Into Them

As things grow in popularity, they gradually have more people become interested in them. Thanks to the dramatic rise in price of all cryptocurrencies over the past few months, significantly more interest has been injected into various cryptos according to crunchbase.com.

This is good for the world at large, because society is understanding more about cryptocurrencies now than ever before. One of the leading characters in finding out more about cryptocurrencies is Ian King, a writer and researcher that specializes in the world of cryptos.

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Here’s Where Ian King Came From

Although Mr. Ian King shuffled his interests around multiple times before settling on the world of finance, his first taste in the industry that would later become his choice was at Salomon Brothers, a financial giant that specialized in trading mortgage bonds. Believe it or not, Mr. King was only a desk clerk while he worked for the Salomon Brothers.

After spending time at the Salomon Brothers, Mr. Ian King then moved on to the worldwide financial conglomerate Citigroup, where he was put to work in trading derivatives. Shortly after finding work at Citigroup, Ian King was hired at Peahi Capital, a hedge fund based in New York state, as the head trader of options trading. Mr. King would go on to spend more than a decade at the likes of Peahi Capital.

Just last year, Ian King found employment at Banyan Hill Publishing, a regular publication that puts out news related to finance and markets stocks are traded on.

Today, he writes articles for Banyan Hill Publishing over various topics, and also contributes on a weekly basis to Sovereign Investor Daily, a section of many others at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Mr. Ian King does a lot of writing on topics directly linked to cryptocurrencies, and is even working on a course to help people start trading cryptos. He is constantly expanding his horizons with Banyan Hill.

Learn more about Ian King: https://banyanhill.com/bitcoin-expert-ian-king/