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Green Structure Homes is a staple for disaster relief around the United States. This is really saying something considering how difficult this industry is to stay afloat in for many. This is due to the fact that normal business practice and strategies will not bring in guaranteed results because of the complex and fluctuating nature of the industry. There are good portions of the year where there is hardly any business to be had, while some periods will require huge resources and service time, which can also happen at any given time. Green Structure Homes, home to Huntsville, Alabama, has managed to be such a success largely due to Barbara Stokes tremendous efforts and business expertise. Her desire to push the boundaries through innovative thinking and to make her vision a reality truly paid off, proving herself to be a capable leader in a challenging field. Read more at Business Insider.


Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer for Green Structure Homes and as such she is in charge of overseeing growth strategy, implementing new innovations as well as daily operations. Barbara took her deep level of expertise in the industry to expand on the company’s services, which included improving upon construction, design, and building strategies. Green Structure Homes also provides construction choices on-site for modular and mobile home structures all over the United States. These services extend to residential housing, commercial residence and even government. Today, Green Structure Homes has a good deal of experience in government contracts with Barbara at the helm, notably their support with the FEMA mission. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.

As the demands over recent years have grown, Barbara Stokes strongly understands the need for innovation given the changing needs of the customers. She ensures that the housing solutions available from Green Structure Homes are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and economical, all the while being manufactured with the latest technology. Barbara ensures homes constructed by GSH have reduced overall costs for their life cycle due to reduced energy cost, lower maintenance cost, and low cost insurance. This doesn’t take anything away from the homes though since they are extremely durable and resistant to pests, mildew, mold and more.

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