David Giertz Encourages Planners To Discuss Social Security With Their Clients

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David Giertz is a financial advisor and executive with over three decades of experience in the financial world. David Giertz began by working for Citigroup before moving onto work for Nationwide. At Nationwide, David Gietz was in charge of the Financial Institutions Bank Channel and the Warehouse Distributions Channel. These channels were designed to guide investors while marketing products to major institutions. While directing these channels he was able to increase the revenue from one and a half to eight billion dollars.

David Giertz currently works as the president of Nationwide. He has overseen the expansion of Nationwide’s profits. David Giertz has overseen the expansion of their business into wholesale marketing as well as focusing the business on new forms of insurance.

In a recent address, he has advise financial planners to open up new lines of communication with their clients. He encourages these conversations to focus on social security and how they can get the most out of social security during retirement. This includes encouraging their clients to work a small amount if they happen to retire early. This will allow their clients to get their full retirement benefits while only having to work a few hours. It is even possible for clients to register their business as a company. This allows for them to claim that they are consultants are small business owners. Finally, David Giertz encourages financial planners to look at their social security as an asset they can leave to their loved ones. This allows for their spouse to keep full benefits, and careful planning can allow for persons to transfer more assets.