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The Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman has over 20 years of experience in finance and business. He is a co-founder of this SAAS Company. Prior to starting his business path, he achieved an MBA in Finance and a Bachelor of Economics and Finance from the University of Chicago and the University of Scranton respectively.

Glen started off his career at GE Capital where he held different positions including P&L and business development. At GE, he was recognized by the board of directors for the company as a role model when it came to leadership that showed growth. Glen also started Nova Four. During his career life, he made sure he left a mark everywhere he worked. From his own companies to the ones he held a position at. He was in charge of a company that handled fifteen billion dollars’ worth of assets and had over seventeen thousand employees. The development of the business was outstanding. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

Glen Wakeman focuses his work on guiding new businesses and market entries, mergers and acquisitions, how to grow exponentially in the market and divestitures among others. He uses a 5 step key performance methodology that has worked well. The five-step methodology includes management of risk, human capital, governance, execution and leadership. Glen Wakeman constantly advises his clients on the new markets that are coming up, administration and management tips, matters relating to fiscal, how to strategize in business and much more. He has worked with companies such as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded as a mentor. View Glen Wakeman’s profile

As a writer, Glen Wakeman enjoys instilling others with knowledge about foreign affairs relating to business, how to transform their businesses into successful empires, how to raise capital and financing options. He is a passionate investor and he enjoys researching and offering his expertise on innovative ideas that may lead to the growth of the business as a whole. Glen Wakeman has had an opportunity to travel and work in six countries. This has given him a lot of experience in international business which makes him a trusted advisor in the line of business. Glen Wakeman is a respected businessman who continues to offer his advice through his blog to share his knowledge with his readers.