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Things have significantly changed in the modern times. People from all over the world now own a smart phone for communication and other important functions. The people in the world are connected by the use of a simple device. According to a company known as Talkspace, these devices have completely redefined the way people in the world are interacting and living their lives. It is now very easy to engage with the whole world and live a great and informed life.

Talkspace, however, believes that this kind of technology might be having a negative impact in the lives of the people in the society. According to a recent medical study, more than ten percent of the South Koreans teenagers that are using the internet in their daily lives are currently under a high risk of getting depression. Companies such as Talkspace have emerged in the world so that people can have the freedom to seek help whenever they need mental health care.

Although people seem to be very busy with their daily lives, they tend to forget that they need each other to interact physically so that they can offer support whenever someone is experiencing any problems. People who have depression might be ashamed of seeking treatment in the right time because they are scared of the society. Talkspace, however, has emerged so that it can offer people professional mental healthcare services whenever a patient is in need.

Thanks to these modern companies that have been introduced into the market, people who think that they have depression can comfortably use their smartphone to get the help they are looking for online. The company provides e-therapy to the patients who come seeking help any time of the day. The services are very cheap to the consumers who need them. At the moment, Talkspace states that it has more than five hundred thousand users who engage the one thousand medical professionals working with the facilities. These patients are given the help they are looking for through calls and video chats.