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He is a Hungarian-born but he left there and the joined London School of Economics. Soros father was a lawyer during the regime of the German Nazis. He was born in 1930. George Soros is presently a citizen of the US. Soros had to serve a waiter and porter at the railway station in order to get himself through school. Soros lives in Katonah based in New York City. Soros is married and he has five children. He holds a bachelor’s degree from London School of Economics in the field of arts and Science. He is currently aged eighty-seven years. George Soros became rich from the monumental resources that he has gathered in the course of his life as an avid investor. George Soros is the pioneer founder of the Fund Management of Soros. George Soros has served a great philanthropist due to his altruistic nature. Soros has contributed heavily to the needy across the globe he has kept the spirit ablaze to date.

George Soros has been the long-serving funding manager of Hedge from 1969 to 2011. The Soros boasts assets amounting to twenty-six billion dollars. Soros has always put his hand in the liberal courses in the society. This led him to establish the Open Society Foundations which has expended up to a tune of fourteen billion.

George Soros happened to be the funding manager of the Hedges that is paid the greatest amount as compared to others. Soros is ranked nineteenth in the number of billionaires in the United States but number twenty-nine in the world in 2017. Soros is chiefly referred to as an American-Hungarian billionaire since traces his roots back to his birthplace. Soros’ liberalism, affluence, and influence have enabled him to assume specific stances in controversial issues. This is because of the independence that comes with a strong financial muscle. Soros has been struggling with the systems for the better part of his life trying to combat authoritarianism. Soros worked closely with local politicians and rebels to overthrow the dictators such as Slobodan Milosevic who dominated the former Yugoslavia.

Soros had a heavy hand in the revolts that arose against oppressive regimes in Ukraine in 2004 and 2013. His liberalism has earned wide acclamation from the left while he is detested by the right wing because his anti-Semitic rhetoric His influence back home in Hungary has caused a lot of fuss in the ruling party. Soros later donated five hundred million dollars towards the support of refugees, host communities, and migrants. The money was inculcated in investment programs that were to generate income that was to support the marginalized populations across the globe. Soros contributions have spanned all ages up to the moments of his old age. Soros has always strived to liberate people from shackles of poverty neo-colonization.