Kevin Seawright Completes Two Successful Years as the CFO of Newark Economic Development Corporation

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Kevin Seawright, a leading project management and accounting professional, completed two successful years as the Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. He was appointed as the CFO and executive vice president of the economic development organization in May 2015.

When he was joining the development corporation, he had more than 13 years of experience in managing the operations, accounting, capital management of East Coast communities to improve their utilization and community development initiatives.

Seawright also worked for the City of Baltimore as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of its education departments for more than six years. Interestingly, he was also handling the finance and payroll responsibilities in other sectors.

In the current role, Kevin takes the strategic vision of the organization forward. He is credited for improving the staff retention by keeping solidification of human capital divisions, strengthening recruitment efforts, compensation adjustments, collective bargaining, change of management, negotiations, and more.

While he was executing these tasks, Kevin was enhanced the service delivery to the consumers, improved standardization, and solidified the performance of the organization.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright also played a significant role in transforming the revenue planning processes and added more efficiency not only in Newark but across the mid-Atlantic region. Interestingly, his career has some significant successes in revenue enhancement, and he helped organizations to get forecasts in the case of annual returns by 25% increase.

While serving 13 years for East Coast communities, he took care of various departments and functions including capital operations management, human resources, finance, and various bond funds worth $400 million, in the Executive role. Seawright was also the principal facilitator of the construction of educational facilities worth $600 million during his career.

He served various roles such as Managing Fiscal Officer, Chief of Financial & Construction Projects, Budget Manager, Payroll Director, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Finance Director, Executive Director of Operations, Chief of Financial & Construction Projects, and more, during his career. Wherever he worked, Kevin displayed the foresightedness to address the needs of the communities with a strong focus on future. He is also deeply analytical about the technical viability and profitability of each project compared to the complexity.

Seawright also displayed excellent team building skills by understanding the goals of each project and credited for strategic planning. His commitment to the profession and integrity to the community needs helped him to win many awards from governmental organizations and industry bodies alike.

Kevin Seawright was the 2010 Bridges to the Future Award winner from Met Life. In 2015, he was recognized by Mendoza College of Business – the University of Notre Dame for completing the second segment of its Nonprofit Fund Development Program. Interestingly, the achievement showed the commitment of Seawright to the nonprofit sector and his desire to be more productive and impactful.

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