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Artificial Intelligence is advancing the online retail industry with a great sweep in all its sections and departments. There are many reasons why the technology gets widespread applications in the E-commerce sector. One of the prominent reason is the players are ready to accept all sorts of improvements any technology can bring into its ecosystem. Since AI is the most prominent technology evolution in the recent years, E-commerce industry takes all the choices given by it. The other reasons include easy adaptation options inside their platform, quick integration with other technologies, relatively new industry, E-commerce platforms that can easily be customized, and more.

While coming to various business units of E-commerce industries, AI gets predominance in personalized merchandising considering it can analyze data of millions of customers and provide best suggestions and recommendations based on the results. Industry experts confirm that the upcoming holiday season would be witnessing the next level application of personalized merchandising using the AI technology. They confirm that the customers would be assisted by AI systems during this festival season on their questions. It means that AI has a higher focus on customer service, and the companies are passionate about bringing AI-enabled chatbots to their customer service departments to ensure a pleasant experience to the customers.

Interestingly, many recent studies have shown that most people are unable to identify whether they are communicating with a human or an AI system. It is due to the advancement of AI-enabled chatbots, which help them to respond more human-like. While most of the online retailers were putting their energy on getting products into their stores, AI has changed the focus also into taking products into customers’ hands. Artificial Intelligence has really made a difference here. It has also got a boost due to quickly changing expectations of the customers.

Considering the growing needs of improved AI systems, many technology firms are focusing their attention on the technology and coming up with better AI systems that can understand the customer needs, preferences, styles, and more. Some systems also ask customers to fill out their choices, and that gives the online retailers to send specialized products according to the preferences of the customers. Personalized marketing is another area that can get a huge boost with the help of AI. Festival offers and personalized offers can be provided to customers based on their shopping patterns, product choices, and more. It can also significantly improve the conversion rate of online retailers along with added profit. View Sentient’s profile