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Nathaniel Ru is co-CEO, cofounder, and director at Sweetgreen, a salad bar chain. He got a bachelor’s degree in finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2007.

Shortly after, he and two of his classmates, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, proceeded to open up what would become the first of many restaurants in the Sweetgreen chain. He has since worked there and seen the company grow to its current level of success.

The three classmates were motivated to come up with a restaurant that served more healthy options after they observed that there were very limited options of healthy eateries around the Georgetown area. With dedication and ambition, Nathaniel and his two friends came up with a business plan and sought out a prospective location for their restaurant.

The trio was focused not only on creating a healthy eating spot but also in supporting the local community hence their resolve to use only local produce in their recipes. This commitment to the community was also exhibited in the values they came up with for the company.

One of these values is the ‘win, win, win,’ which simply indicates that the company’s working should benefit the customer and the community as well. Sweetgreen was not founded to be a corporate giant but was instead focused on bettering the community by enhancing a healthier lifestyle amongst the people.

How sweetgreen is setting itself apart from other restaurant chains

Sweetgreen has a few different methods of doing things that other restaurant chains could benefit from. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

First, true to the three founders’ background in technology. Sweetgreen has implemented technology in its activities. In fact, up to 30% of Sweetgreen’s transactions are done on the web or through the company’s mobile app. This has seen a reduction in the length of queues.

Second, Sweetgreen has come up with a few original management strategies such as the breaking of the entire corporate office five times a year to go work in the restaurants. This has helped them to remain close to their customers. They also have not set up headquarters in the interest of remaining bicoastal so as to try and grow the company throughout the nation.

Nathaniel Ru also points out the importance of coming up with a team for support. This is a lesson learned from their first days in the business when they were reluctant to delegate.

Sweetgreen is sure to keep prospering under the supervision of Nathaniel Ru, whose commitment and ambition are commendable.

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