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Eric Pulier was born and in Teaneck, New Jersey and he started his career while in high school where he programmed computers. Eric then started a database computer program while still in high school before joining Harvard University in 1984, where he majored in English and Literature. He took part time classes at a neighboring Magna Cum Laude school, where he later graduated. Besides, Eric was a prolific editor, and he wrote various columns for the Harvard Crimson. He then moved to Los Angeles where he founded the people doing things forum, which addressed issues like education, healthcare, and many other matters. Eric then launched some conferences including the interactive agency digital evolution, which later merged with the United States interactive LLC.

In 1997, Pulier was selected by the committee of the president to design a presidential exhibition technology in Washington Following his participation in the show; Eric Pulier later served various roles assigned by the vice president`s health forum board and also took part in the Clinton Global Initiative. Besides, Pulier is the founder of many prestigious enterprises including Akana, Desktone, service mesh and many others. He is also a prolific entrepreneur and has over the past years partnered with many charitable as well as financial organizations to full fill business goals.

Eric believes in the impact of allocating enough time to his ventures and encourages entrepreneurs to critically evaluate the positive as well as the downside of an idea before implementing it. Besides, the contractor warns investors not to rush to launch ventures before weighing the strengths of their company to handle and manage them.

He also encourages entrepreneurs to organize themselves and come up with effective strategic plans to keep their businesses moving efficiently. He believes in the idea of writing down one’s thoughts concerning individual issue a this helps one make an informed decision, which in turn causes a positive impact on the business. Besides, he believes that a well-written manifesto helps an entrepreneur identify the challenges in his venture and as a result he oughts to come up with effective strategies to tackle them.

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