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White Shark Media is one of the best online marketing Agency. Its aim is to deliver services and solutions regarding marketing. It mainly deals with small and medium-sized businesses. White Shark Media is one of the fastest-growing agencies in North America offering online marketing services. The agency was founded in the year 2011.

Paid per Click (PPC) is one of the online marketing tactic employed by White Shark Media whereby for every click of the advert the client pays. This tactic is very effective especially to target specific markets or specific potential customers or buyers. Another tactic used by this agency is the use of Keywords in AdWords. Although such an initiative requires a bit of patience to get the searched keywords, it becomes one of the useful strategies in online marketing. It’s important to note that keywords may vary and range, for example, keywords may be the most used words or sometimes phrases used during the search of a certain item or product from a website.

Many small sized and medium-sized businesses across the North America and Latin American countries have their faith and trust in White Sharks media because of its efficiency and ability to deliver to its clients. One of its clients is Lakeside Smile Experts, a dental company, which has so far prospered due to the services provided by White Sharks media agency. The dental company has gained enormous profits with over one and a half million in sales for one year whereas it may take over ten years for a dental company even to achieve one million in sales.

With e-commerce replacing the malls and the supermarkets swiftly, White Shark media has tapped into this resource to help small businesses to get customers and visitors through the e-commerce platform. Advertising is the only way to get ahead of competitors in the market therefore when utilized this can help businesses to grow rapidly. The internet, however, it has made it very easy for the businesses to talk to their customers. However, it has also made it easy for business competitors to talk to their customers as well. Therefore, smart marketing and using efficient PPC strategies is paramount to succeed in e-commerce. All these services are available at White Shark Medea!

When talking about his life, Jason Hope was asked what he is most passionate about when it comes to helping humanity. According to him, this seemed like an anticipated question saying that he is very passionate about helping in anti-aging research. This is an area that he has devoted most of his wealth through the SENS Foundation. He says that with this organization, he wants to research on reversing the aging process rather than finding a cure for the process. Other than aging, Jason Hope says that passionate about treating other conditions such as heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease as well as respiratory illnesses and lung cancer. Jason Hope says that he is pleased to have sold his house recently. He says that this has helped him free some resources that he had held onto for five years. He also mentions that he is very passionate about helping future generation and this is why he funds them through various initiatives.

Jason Hope has this belief that you don’t have to read books to be successful. As for him, he says that he is a busy man and loves reading journals scientific articles. If there is anything interesting about what he is reading, he uses his social media profiles to share it. This is why Jason Hope can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Instagram. For instance, he recommends a recent article he came across about how nutrition can be used to lower health issues and even death. Asked about what he is passionate about, Jason Hope mentions Internet of Things. He says that it holds the key to the future in many things such as disease prevention and synchronization of every gadget that humanity uses.

Jason Hope says that for you to become successful, you must take whatever you do seriously. Jason Hope says that referrals social media are good ways of boosting your business. For him, he says that it didn’t take long to become successful. At the moment, Jason Hope says that he makes most of his money from his many companies that he established during his younger days.

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It can sometimes be hard for people in the United States to get the rights that they are entitled to. This is because of all of the political unrest in the country and George Soros knows a lot about it. He has always tried to guarantee that he can help people get the options that they need. He also knows that things will get better when he is able to donate more money. All of these things have changed the way that politics work and it has helped him to try different things for the people who he works with. Now that he is back on the scene, George Soros knows that he can continue to help people with the issues that they are having. He is going to become popular again, use his past help and give people the support that they need to improve their lives. Learn more about his profile at

The first part of George Soros’s plan is to guarantee that he can become as popular as possible. He is going to always make himself look good with the things that he is doing and that is something that has allowed him the chance to do as much as what he has already done. By helping people out, he is putting himself in a position where he is able to help people and show them what they can do too if they take his help. He tries his best to show people all of the options that they have for successful situations.

Since George Soros has been helping people for years, he is going to use his past help to make that possible according to The Washington Times. It is something that he knows a lot about and something that he tries to make better in his own political opportunities. He even helped out with things like Ferguson so that people could protest in a way that made sense to them. He tried his best to give an example to everyone of what they could get out of the protest process and that they would be able to improve their chances of a positive life if they continued doing all of these things. Read more at The New York Times about George.

To support people, George Soros is offering money to them. He did this during the Clinton campaign to help her cause and to make things easier on her. He has tried for years to guarantee that he can give help to people so that they are able to enjoy all of the things in their lives because of his money. He is worth billions of dollars and has a lot to give away. People can take advantage of the money that he has and they can use it to make growth for themselves no matter what.

David Giertz who was the president of the top insurance provider in the world is certain that various financial advisor is not talking about social security with their customers because when they do not bring the conversation about social security retirement profit to their clients because it is their duty it may lead to damaging to the clients and the advisor as well.


Through the research that was conducted it stated that most of the clients who are on the verge of retiring within 10 years and those who have retired, their financial advisor did not speak to them about a matter dealing with social security. Furthermore, the researchers also found out that some even suggested that they would change advisors if their advisor would not talk to them about social security because it is part of their retirement preparation procedure.


David Giertz also alleged that failure to a financial advisor to talk to their clients about their social security program is because that the process of the program has 2,700 rules, therefore, leading to a lot of advisors not wanting take in all of those rules. Also, he advice financial advisor to stop shunning away from learning social security, though they should integrate the program into their conversation with their customers for various reasons.


David Giertz has more than 30 years of increasing expertise in the financial services sector. Furthermore, he is professional investment advisor and he has always used his expertise in creating new inventive techniques that assist in accomplish growth and profits. He as well accomplished a lot as the president of the sales and distribution division of Nationwide Financial because he increased the profits from $11 billion to $17.8 billion hence it was the more than it was expected.


David Gertz also increased the returns of Financial Institutions Bank channel from $1.5 billion to $8 billion. He as well served at Citigroup for 10 years as a financial advisor. He went to Millikin University and got Bachelor of Science and also Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of Miami.

Andrew Rocklage has established his name in the Boston area business world as well as in the legal profession. He graduated from Isenberg School of Management and then pursued his law degree from the famous Suffolk University Law School.

He has made key investments, particularly in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Rocklage is the founder of Sky Zone Trampoline Park, a very popular and innovative park in the United States. Andrew is prominent for his deep understanding of the Boston’s business industry.

Andrew Rocklage’s Strategy of Building a Successful Brand

The businessman understands the importance of building a highly effective customer service department for his business. He has achieved this through recruiting highly talented team of professionals, who interacts with his Sky Zone Trampoline Park’s customers on daily basis. His customers normally boost about friendly and excellent services they receive from employees of Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage:

Andrew Rocklage has used his deep experience and expertise to search and develop talented candidates to join his result oriented team of employees. The businessman is poised to continue accomplishing great success within the business world.

Rocklage’s Career as an Attorney

Besides engaging in his business, Andrew Rocklage served in the legal department for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals as its corporate counsel. He has amassed a wealth of experience in the technology industry, helping him to establish himself as a successful entrepreneur and innovator. Andrew has incorporated his extensive expertise in the legal industry to his business strategy, making him one of the most successful businessmen in Boston.

Rocklage’s Career Progression

Andrew Rocklage has experienced a very successful career in the business world and also in the legal industry since graduated from both law and business schools. It is highly likely that Andrew will continue to pursue other challenging professions in order to continue with his entrepreneurial skills.

Many professional ventures of Andrew Rocklage are based in Boston, but he has interest in traveling and meeting new individuals, and that has enabled him to create excellent business ideas and ventures.

Andrew Rocklage’s Education Background

After graduating from high school, Mr. Rocklage joined University of Massachusetts at Amherst and graduated with a science degree in sports management and economics. Although he has enjoyed a very successful career in the business world, it does not wholly reflect his education background.

Over the years, his interests have been shifting and evolving towards new ventures. In 2013, Andrew Rocklage earned a Juris Doctor Law degree after studying at Suffolk University Law School. The young man had the opportunity to work as an intern in numerous companies, and it offered him the opportunity to interact with the business community. These connections later proved to be very essential to Andrew because it was an avenue for his success in the business world.

Eric Pulier was born and in Teaneck, New Jersey and he started his career while in high school where he programmed computers. Eric then started a database computer program while still in high school before joining Harvard University in 1984, where he majored in English and Literature. He took part time classes at a neighboring Magna Cum Laude school, where he later graduated. Besides, Eric was a prolific editor, and he wrote various columns for the Harvard Crimson. He then moved to Los Angeles where he founded the people doing things forum, which addressed issues like education, healthcare, and many other matters. Eric then launched some conferences including the interactive agency digital evolution, which later merged with the United States interactive LLC.

In 1997, Pulier was selected by the committee of the president to design a presidential exhibition technology in Washington Following his participation in the show; Eric Pulier later served various roles assigned by the vice president`s health forum board and also took part in the Clinton Global Initiative. Besides, Pulier is the founder of many prestigious enterprises including Akana, Desktone, service mesh and many others. He is also a prolific entrepreneur and has over the past years partnered with many charitable as well as financial organizations to full fill business goals.

Eric believes in the impact of allocating enough time to his ventures and encourages entrepreneurs to critically evaluate the positive as well as the downside of an idea before implementing it. Besides, the contractor warns investors not to rush to launch ventures before weighing the strengths of their company to handle and manage them.

He also encourages entrepreneurs to organize themselves and come up with effective strategic plans to keep their businesses moving efficiently. He believes in the idea of writing down one’s thoughts concerning individual issue a this helps one make an informed decision, which in turn causes a positive impact on the business. Besides, he believes that a well-written manifesto helps an entrepreneur identify the challenges in his venture and as a result he oughts to come up with effective strategies to tackle them.

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There are very few assistant coaches in basketball history have had the kind of unmitigated success in their career at such an early age as Yanni Hufnagel. The Jewish kid from Scarsdale, New York who grew up loving a game there was no hope of him ever succeeding as a player has found the success that he knew he was capable of as a coach. Yanni Hufnagel has the kind of career accomplishments at the mere age of 30.

Hufnagel started out life with a love for basketball that few thought would ever lead to anything more than being a fan cheering form the cheap seat. Hufnagel wasn’t about to accept that, however. He started to educate himself, knowing that just as with everything else in life, knowledge would be the key to unlocking the dreams that he had for his life. He started to read every book that he could get his hand son about coaching strategy, sports theory, leadership, teaching the fundamentals and mechanics of the game, and even biographies of some of the most famous and successful coaches in history.

He got his first professional break in connection to the game when he took a job at the local public broadcasting station calling games for local teams. Even then his broadcasting partner would joke that Yanni Hufnagel would grow up to be one of the most famous basketball announcers in history or one of the best all around coaches the game had ever known. After becoming the student basketball manager during his first year at Cornell, he started down a career path that would lead him to positions working with some of the best programs in the country including Cal Tech, Vanderbilt, and even back to his alma mater Cornell.

Despite all of this he still has a desire to achieve. He is one of the most sought-after coaches in the country, not only for his acumen in the game, but also for his seemingly preternatural ability for recruitment, and especially to getting a player to say yes. Now he is embarking on the next chapter of his career story with his recently joining the coaching staff of the University of Nevada Fighting Wolf Pack. At Nevada, he will be taking on even more responsibility, and will be preparing himself for the next logical step that is sure to come to his career soon, the big chair of head coach. For now, however, Hufnagel is excited about his opportunities in Nevada and looks forward to helping the Wolf Pack built upon the great program that they already have, and get to be even better.

Neuropsychiatric and Diagnosis platform is a powerful assessment and diagnostic tool that will improve the current interventions aimed at enhancing mental health care. Using smartphone devices, the Platform that was founded by Mindstrong Health Company will monitor patterns of interaction to objective measures of brain’s activities.


What makes the platform unique


The primary purpose of Neuropsychiatric and Diagnostic Platform is to provide continuous computerized biological markers of affection and comprehension. These biological markers include concentration, recall and executive function, and processing speed.


Using Google and a smartphone to measure the exact level of understanding by transfiguration of someone’s patterns of scrolling is impressive. This practical approach to evaluation sets the basis for coming up with improved interventions to better mental health treatment. Mental illnesses have over the years become health problems in all parts of the world. The use of smartphones provides a promising solution to this global health concern.


This platform is supported by Foresite capital together with ARCH Venture Partners, reveals Some other partners that have joined hands in support of the platform include Optum ventures and Berggruen Holdings.


How medical professionals will benefit from the platform


The platform that was unveiled by Mindstrong Health Company will allow the medical team to comprehend the main challenges encountered in the care of patients with mental health illnesses. This is according to Jim Tananbaum, the boss of Foresite Capital. This creative platform will largely improve the interventions on which care is provided.


Who is Mr. Jim Tananbaum?


Jim Tananbaum, the brains behind Foresite Capital and with over $1 billion under his management, has experience in developing companies that specialize in health care and investment. During his days at Harvard Medical School, Jim developed GelTex pharmaceuticals with a minimum capital of $80million. He introduced two drugs that generate revenue of about $1billion. GelTex was later sold for $1.6 billion.


According to Business Wire, as an investor, Jim was among the partners that established a practice for the investment of health care services at Sierra Ventures. He developed this practice during the early years of his career. He is also among the proprietors that established Prospect Venture. With his leadership skills, the graduate of Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School was in charge of the strategic direction of both Amira Pharmaceuticals and Jazz Pharmaceuticals among others. Learn more about Foresite Capital on