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With the advent of staffing agencies, many companies are now able to outsource their hiring process, which reduces the workload for their human resources departments. The ability to delegate the tasks of recruiting and staffing qualified job candidates has grown in popularity; several agencies have opted to cater to niche markets as means of differentiating themselves from competitors. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Brian Torchin is a proponent of operating in a niche market, as evidenced by HCRC, which is a leading full-service staffing and consulting firm for the health care and legal industry.


Brian Torchin identified the health care industry as a market niche that wasn’t being fulfilled by traditional staffing agencies. In 2007, HCRC was established to address an ever-growing demand for healthcare professionals.

This niche staffing agency operates in all 50 states, as well as Europe, Asia, Canada, and Austrailia; HCRC provides staffing solutions in the areas of chiropractics, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and a bevy of other health care related roles. In addition, HCRC also provides staffing solution in the legal field; these roles include attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and much more.


HCRC boast an impressive turnaround time when it comes to recruiting and staffing for their clients; according to the company’s Linkedin profile, HCRC has the ability to find and place qualified candidates within 72 hours.

Brian believes that the longer an institution goes without necessary medical staff, the more money it loses; this belief serves as an impetus for the company’s decision to operate in a niche market. In fact, Consultants of America has ranked him the number one recruiter in the United States.


Prior to his success in staffing, Brian Torchin was a medical practitioner himself; after graduating from the University of Delaware, where he earned a degree in exercise science, he plied his trade in chiropractic medicine.

Brian Bonar experience as a practitioner within the health care industry, allows him to fully appreciate the sense of urgency that comes filling a vacant role with a qualified candidate. A company’s success, whether in law or the medical arena, requires having the right people in the right place at the right time.