Lime Crime Dips Into The Rainbow With Gorgeous Unicorn Hair Dye

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If you’re familiar with Lime Crime makeup, then you’ve seen the wild and crazy color palettes that come together. Now the e-commerce cosmetics brand is diving into a pool of rainbow bright hair dye, so women and men can amp up their manes.


Unicorn Hair is the latest creation by the brand’s CEO and founder Doe Deere. She is hands-on when it comes to every product the company puts out there. Doe Deere has been working for a few years now on perfecting her special new line of semi-permanent dyes. She enjoys candy-colored tresses, and purple is one of her current favorites. You can copy Doe Deere’s do in Pony, the purple-icious shade and one of 13 colors to choose from.


The beauty in Unicorn Hair is in its superb gentleness and nourishing features. The Lime Crime makeup brand is already proud of its cruelty free and vegan status, so the new line of hair color products follow suit. You won’t find any harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach or peroxide in Unicorn Hair, just natural vegetable glycerin.


Each bottle costs $16 and is filled to the brim in nearly 7 fluid ounce jars. That’s an ample amount of dye and can transform your locks to mega-watt shine and rainbow beauty.


The hair color is available in full coverage or tint, creating rich, deep pigment or pretty pastel luxe. Best of all, Unicorn Hair fades gently and gracefully without any harsh lines visible.


Although the hair dye can be used on dark strands as sexy highlights, to get the best bang out of the color is to apply these dyes on medium blond or lighter shades, according to suggestions at the company’s store website found here.


Some of the other luscious and naughty hair colors include Chocolate Cherry, Peach Neon, Jello (Green), Dirty Mermaid (Teal)and Bunny (Baby Pink).


Lime Crime is huge on social media, and they’re prominent on Instagram with more than 2.8 million followers. Fans love sending colorful selfies with their faces and now hair, adorned with the brand’s gorgeous, edgy makeup and hair dye.