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Wengie was born in China in 1986. However, her parents relocated to Australia shortly after she was born and they left her in the care of her grandparents. By the time Wengie turned 4 years old, her grandparents flew her to Melbourne to reunite with her parents and to spend the remainder of her childhood. Wengie stated that she was unable to recognize her parents at first and wanted to go back to China. She quickly adjusted.


Wengie`s parents did not have much money but they saved as much as possible. Wengie recalls her father salvaging an old vacuum cleaner and repairing it. Eventually her parents landed better jobs and they relocated to a larger city.


Wengie recalls being extremely introverted and shy in school. Her father attempted to help her make friends by bringing her outside to play with other kids. By the time she was in high school, she focused on developing a stronger social life and making more friends. By her last year of high school, her brother Jim was born.


Wengie went to college and studied accounting as per her parent’s wishes. She was granted a scholarship after her mother enouraged her to apply. After landing an accounting job with a major company right after school, Wengie realized that it was not the path she wanted to take. She was unable to express herself creatively and this caused many problems with her happiness. Her boss expressed dissapointment in her work performance and Wengie eventaully resigned.


She landed a position as a social media / networking expert and she absolutely loved it. Although the job was demanding and required around the clock work, she felt as though it was just right for her. This inspired Wengie to start her own social media following and launch her own Youtube channel.


Her Youtube channel was geared towards fashion and beauty videos.She quickly gained popularity and eventaully reached over a million subscribers. Wengie admitted that her home eventually looked like a Youtube studio and nothing more. She was featured on a national TV show about people that hoard things in her home. However, she remains a successful Youtube vlogger and her follower continue to grow.

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