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You can’t run a business in the current digital climate without having a full and well rounded understanding of what it takes. Talk Fusion is a video marketing and communication solutions firm that has been focused on keeping businesses ahead of the competition by bringing them the digital tools that they need in order to find success. Talk Fusion was established by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007 after the founder had failed to find a similar platform. Reina has since grown Talk Fusion into one of the most prominent innovators in the industry ever since. Reina sat down to talk about just what Talk Fusion has to offer.


Talk Fusion excelled in 2016 in a way that few other companies within the industry did. To start off, Talk Fusion won the prestigious 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award for their work on the Video Chat application. Talk Fusion also saw unquestioned growth in the market both in America and around the rest of the world. CEO Bob Reina has been focused on continually pushing the limits of what his company can offer so it should surprise nobody that they are where they are today.


Now, Bob Reina knows that in order to win new customers you have to sell them on your services. Reina doesn’t need to work too hard to sell Talk Fusion to potential entrepreneurs within the market. The biggest thing that Talk Fusion offers, and they offer quite a bit, is the ability to become an all in one office for all of your digital management needs. Talk Fusion offers enhanced customer service programs, live meetings, video chat interfacing, and reputation management through a plethora of different programs. Reina points out that often times companies who go through another provider will be forced to individually hire out for all of these tasks.


Talk Fusion is also focused on keeping themselves ahead of the rest of the pack with rock solid technology. Reina points to their work with WebRTC technology as a prime example. He also invites anyone interested in taking advantage of this technology aboard the Talk Fusion platform.


The airline industry is a much maligned area of business, but the use of technology could soon change the entire experience for airline passengers in the eyes of Arizona based technology expert Jason Hope. From the moment an airline passenger sets foot on the grounds of an airport the use of technology has been growing and will soon make a major change in the way every worker and passenger experiences the airline industry.

Jason Hope believes the airline industry will soon become a technology leader in the world as the use of wireless and Bluetooth technology becomes the norm for keeping aircraft in the air and maintaining the highest levels of comfort possible for all passengers. in terms of safety, Virgin Airlines ha already been identified by Jason Hope as a leader in the use of wireless technology that will identify issues with any aircraft that can be attended to as soon as a plane touches down at its destination to reduce the number of delays.

Jason Hope has become a leading entrepreneur for many different business areas as he has been looking to bring the latest technologies to the public and industries throughout his career; the use of mobile app’s and gaming software has been moving across different industrial areas that allow startups to become more important than ever before.

One of the most interesting aspects of the career of Jason Hope is his role as a futurist, which allows him the opportunity to work with major business leaders in a bid to identify which technologies and trends will prove successful in the coming years.

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The Texas bankers association’s strategic opportunities conference takes place every year with the aim of assessing the local market, and also to look at opportunities and challenges facing the community. The panelists are expected to come up with solutions to the challenges facing the community. The last annual conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The CEO and the president of Nextbank, John Holt was among the panelists who delivered a remarkable speech. Among the key issues that were discussed at the conference included the role of the new technology in transforming the financial sector.


In his speech, Mr. Holt noted that Nextbank has been on the forefront in enhancing community banking. Nextbank, which is one of the market leaders in the sector, has been involved in various initiatives with the aim of taking community banking to the next level. Some of the projects initiated by the bank include the acquisition of the college savings bank, which aims at helping the community in Dallas to start saving for the children’s education early enough. Other initiatives taken by the bank include funding companies that give mortgages to individuals from the less privileged areas of the town. Mr. Holt noted that when the needy people are empowered by giving them an opportunity to own homes, they will be in a better position to educate their children which will eventually uplift the entire community.


About Nextbank Inc

Nextbank is one of the leading banking service providers in the country with assets totaling to $4.6 as of December 31, 2016. Nextbank specializes in mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional banking. The company has been offering unmatched banking solutions to a variety of clients that include large institutions, corporations, middle market companies and real estate investors. The company’s success can be attributed to great leadership that combines industry expertise and the focus on offering the best services to the clients.


Now, is a great time to prepare for a life after your career with NexBank. They offer their customers a expertise in investment banking services. You can now invest in your retirement with confidence. They also offer their customers $40 billion dollars in assets that is protecting their money along with FDIC insurance. NexBank also focuses on industrialized and commercialized banking features. You get superior banking services that have been proudly serving their tenants for over 60+ years. Discover practical banking solutions for a complex and perplexed economic market. You never have to worry about how your money is working for you with a NexBank account.


NexBank has acquired over 246,000+ online banking customers making them one of the largest growing online networks in Dallas, serving customers nationwide. They have recently acquired a $24 million common equity has CEO and President, John Holt, says, will add to the expansion of their general counsel and their leadership professionals. Holt recently was a keynote speaker at a Texas Banker’s Association Annual Strategies Opportunities Conference and said that it is important for them to focus on improving their services for their personalized account holders.


NexBank Services


– Free direct deposit

– Free online bill pay

– Free checks

– Mortgage accounts

– Anytime access

and more…


You have anytime access to your money when you want it with the benefits of checking your balance and switching money in between accounts with your tablet, pc, and smartphone. You never have to worry about what is happening to your money in relation to having access to your account around the clock. They also offer their customers a friendly representative that is available 24/7, to answer your questions and give you assistance with your account. Join the superior NexBank institute to maximize your hard earned money today.

In a recent article about Ken Goodrich, the man behind Goettl Air Conditioning since 2013, he said something that really struck a chord. It was something that probably many people would not hear someone in charge say. He said that when he purchased Goettl Air Conditioning in 2013, they stopped talking about money. That is right. They started focusing on putting the customer first. They were not even concerned about money. If that does not show the world what kind of man Ken Goodrich is and what kind of business mindset he has, nothing ever will. It shows that yes he wants to make money, but he knows in order to do that the customers need to be happy, first and foremost. If they are not happy, nothing is going to work.


It is not good to spend too much time living in the past, but the past can be a great learning tool. There is no need to dwell on what was going on when Goettl Air Conditioning before Ken Goodrich purchased it back in 2013. That is all history now. The present and the future are all that matters and with Ken Goodrich and his team doing everything in their power, now they are doing both: making the customer happy and making money.


That is the situation where everyone walks away feeling satisfied. No one walks away feeling as though they were ripped off or like they didn’t get their money’s worth. They walk away knowing they did business with a great company in the air conditioning industry. They know that any repairs, installations, or maintenance were done properly. They were done with special care and special attention. When they come out for a job, they want to get it right the first time. They don’t want to waste the time of a customer.


It is highly recommended for you to utilize Securus Technologies to communicate with an inmate. It is a form of communication that is allowing inmate and visitors to communicate with one another via means of video chatting in which the visitor is not required to leave their home if that’s what they prefer. It is a great form of communication that is allowing people to keep in touch with one another without the hassles of appointment scheduling through the correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies is not only benefiting inmates and their visitors, but also entire communities, as law enforcement officials and the courts are capable of utilizing any of the conversations that are conducted within the communications lines of Securus Technologies for investigative purposes should it be necessary. Although many people are not aware of it, a lot of crimes are occurring in correctional facilities today. Due to such an unfortunate reality, the crimes are often spreading out into communities. By incorporating the Securus Technologies communications system into the communicative systems of a correctional facility, crimes can potentially be stopped. Inmates and visitors are always encouraged to avoid speaking about matters of crime over the communications lines of Securus Technologies. Aside from law enforcement officials and the courts, the only people who will have access to the conversations are the inmates and visitors themselves. Customer service representatives are available to guide each and every user along the way. It is an easy to use program, one that has its own website that is easy to navigate within. If you would like to utilize it for your needs of communications, please feel free to go to the website to see how you can begin. An inmate may be needing some solace today, why not reach out to them? You may be the one to make their day!


Talk Fusion was established back in 2007 by Bob Reina. Bob Reina had been looking for a platform from which to share video marketing through emails. That platform didn’t exist so he decided, like all good entrepreneurs do, to make his own way. Talk Fusion has grown over the past decade into one of the best video marketing and communication solution firms on the internet today. In 2016 we saw Talk Fusion have their best year yet which culminated in a prestigious industry award from the Technology Marketing Corporation.

Talk Fusion received the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award for 2016 from TMC. The award was announced by TMC CEO Rich Tehrani who went on to lavish glowing praise on Talk Fusion and the other award contenders. Tehrani called Talk Fusion a true leader within the industry and he went on to say, “These honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” To say that those words were glowing, well, we think we were giving quite the understatement.

Talk Fusion won this award for their work on the Video Chat application. Video Chat, for as simple as it sounds, is actually an elite application for people looking to communicate in a face to face fashion. The Talk Fusion Video Chat application is smooth, streamlined, and it works across platforms. You can be on an iOS device and communicate with an Android device as simple as anything, thanks to Talk Fusion’s hard work. The Video Chat App, according to CTO Ryan Page, is still not done getting streamlined. The goal is to make the UI more fluid and the features more rich. Even the best products are always improving. Click here to know more.

Bob Reina was quick to give praise to the team of developers at Talk Fusion. Reina said, “This is just the beginning. Our talented IT team has big plans for the future of our all in one video marketing solution.” Reina’s glowing praise always seems to inspire his company’s loyalty and perhaps that is why Talk Fusion is growing so steadily. We’re excited to see where the company goes in the future.

Among the biotech firms based in the United States, Seattle Genetics stands among those that have contributed enormously to the development of cancer therapy drugs. The man behind this institution is Dr. Clay Siegall who is the founder and chief executive officer. Siegall graduated with a degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Later, he attended George Washington University and graduated with a Ph.D. in genetics.


In a recent interview, Clay Siegall said that the inspiration that led to the start of this institution laid first in his passion. According to him, he always had a particular interest in medicine, and the power technology holds over disease. He always desired to intervene in nature’s course and bring health to those consigned to death by nature. Siegall first interest was in the cancer therapy. It was after a brutal treatment of a relative that drove him to start the research into the disease. He says that the chemotherapy was so brutal that at a point, it caused anemia almost killing the patient. With alternative options offering no help, he resolved to find a better way. Going to this business of research has catapulted him to the person he is today.


According to Siegall, there are several ways in which the company makes money. First, it’s through the sale of proprietary drugs. The company does very well on the sale of antibody drug conjugate that is FDA approved. However, the organization also acquires money from production partnerships and licensing of technologies. Alternatively, they have several sources of revenues through which they get money. Clay continues by adding that the company became profitable ten years after the IPO.


Among the challenges that Clay faced came in 2000. The capital was depleting faster than the income they generated. They managed by working extra harder. They have a sales staff that do the marketing. Through a lot of interaction, they land the right buyers. Ultimately, it’s through hard work and passion that he achieved


Over the years Clay Siegall held several positions in different organizations. At Mirna Therapeutics, he served on the board of directors. The chairman of the institution regarded Siegall Knowledge as invaluable and would benefit the organization. At Ultragenyx, he also held a position on the board of directors. At 40’s he advises aspiring entrepreneurs to commit, interact and work with passion as they are key to prosperity.


One of the best ways to market a company is to make sure that the website is a good representation of the company. Therefore, one has to make sure that the website looks professional. This means that it can’t be very busy. Otherwise, it will look like a scam site. Also, there has to be some kind of accessibility to it. One of the worst things that one could do is use an unoriginal image. Often times, scam sites use a generic image of a woman. Therefore, it is better for one to use one’s own image so that it will stand out and look a little more legitimate.


White Shark Media makes sure that any image that it uses is its own image. The site is professionally laid out. On top of the site is the logo with a site menu. This shows people all of the services that White Shark Media has to offer. Also, if people highlight one of the menu items, a drop down menu will appear in order to give more detail on what they offer. This will help people decide on the type of services they are interested in. Whatever they click on will drive them to a page with more information on that topic.


For more on the home page, all one has to do is scroll down and they will see a set of videos. A lot of these videos are testimonials and information on how White Shark Media serves its customers.


One thing that White Shark Media prides itself on is being an AdWords partner. One of the reasons is that Google is the largest search engine on the internet. Therefore, one has to rank very high on Google in order to get a lot of visits and sales. White Shark Media knows the steps that are necessary to achieve this type of goal.

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When you meet Yanni, the first thing you realize is that he is a different young man of Jewish origin. Perhaps it I the fact that he grew up in Scarsdale, or that he was dropped by his college basketball team. Despite the challenges, he managed to make it to Cornell and graduate and currently, he I holding a basketball job that I likely to make him really successful within a short period of time.

Yanni is the assistant basketball coach at Harvard. He has become a sensation in the world of basketball, especially after the team won four seasons of the Ivy League back to back. In the NBA, getting a Jewish player is a rare thing, which explain why it counts about 30 division one coaches are counted as part of their ranks. Very few of the coaches in the league are as good as Hufnagel and Josh Pastner, a coach from Memphis. A CBS sport survey that was carried out in 2011 showed that Yanni was a favorite of the people to make it big in the game, especially because he is an expert when it comes to recruiting. Pastner has also admitted that Yanni is a better recruiter than himself, who helps people understand just how talented the young man is.

When talking about how he became the guy who wears sweatpants to work almost every day, Yanni Hufnagel stated that basketball was not even his best game. He confided that he was a lacrosse person and that he tried playing in Penn State before he transferred. Like most of the other Jewish guys, he can make a shot. It was his prowess in analyzing the game that had many older people in the field saying they knew he would make it huge some day. He has worked as a basketball manager at Cornell and also as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma.


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