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For a long time, Eric Lefkofsky was renowned for entrepreneurial exploits, notably Groupon, an investment worth well over $2 billion. However, life-changing event transformed this legacy. Eric’s significant other, Liz Lefkofsky, was diagnosed with breast cancer. This development inspired Eric to explore a new course, the battle against cancer.

At first, Eric was dumbfounded, as he had insufficient information on the problem his wife was facing. To make matters worse, doctors’ advice were not exactly encouraging, given the intensity of the issue. For this reason, Eric set out to dig up on the condition, a move that saw the inception of Tempus.

Since its conception, Tempus has inaugurated a myriad of cutting-edge treatment solutions for cancer patients. By the use of advanced techniques, such as genomic and molecular data analysis, the institution has developed several revolutionary remedies. Moreover, client data sourced from across the country has played a vital role in assisting oncologists with establishing better, unique and personalized treatment solutions.

For instance, experts may compare clients’ records and create a pattern. In this case, the treatment applied to previous patients will be reused if it was successful and if the files match. While implementing this technique, genetic sequences are also considered.

Though Eric possesses a large fortune, he is not carried away by his vast wealth. Instead, he has dedicated most of his time in healthcare, learning about matters in the field. Ken White, the authority in charge of Tempus, revealed that Eric is sharp and quickly grasps concepts. He added that both he and Eric are on the same wavelength regarding the battle against cancer, albeit coming from different professional backgrounds. More Details Here .

Tempus has made remarkable leaps since it was inaugurated. Several like-minded institutions have joined the course, which is to eradicate the menace that is cancer. Eric acknowledges that while significant progress has been witnessed, the process is still in its early stages.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Lefkofsky is a rich man, having been listed by the Forbes Magazine as a billionaire. His massive fortunes have been accrued from a myriad of ventures, specifically from Groupon and InnerWorkings, among many others.

Besides business, Eric is a committed philanthropist. He established a charity together worth his wife in 2006. He is also a dedicated anti-cancer advocate, funding the renowned cancer research institute, Tempus. for more .