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Most people do not really care about what goes on their hair. Most of the time, a visit to the salon would suffice. The truth is that in a hair salon, most people, especially non-professionals, do not care a bit about your hair. In fact, they will use different products on it and cause you more problems. One of the end results of such hair management practices is that your hair is left weak and unhealthy.

The good news, however, is that you can transform the ways your hair looks and feels with good hair cleansing practices. It all starts with finding the best hair cleansing product. There are very many hair cleansing products in the market and for someone who wants to start taking care of their hair for the first time, choosing from this wide range can be overwhelming.

One of the products which you can try if you are a first-timer is the WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner. This is a product which has been used by many other people since it was launched into the market. The good news is that it has helped these users to restore their hair health. The fact that it contains healthy nutrients from herbal extracts is also good news to those who want to avoid buildup.

A product like Wen by Chaz Dean works well with all hair types and textures. You do not have to look for a different product for shampooing and another for conditioning or treating. The cleansing conditioner combines all these benefits and much more. One user who has fine hair and who was looking for a lasting solution for her hair also found out that the cleansing conditioner made her styling easier and with less breakage.

Buy your Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner today and enjoy healthy hair. TO learn more about Wen, check out their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

For a long time, Eric Lefkofsky was renowned for entrepreneurial exploits, notably Groupon, an investment worth well over $2 billion. However, life-changing event transformed this legacy. Eric’s significant other, Liz Lefkofsky, was diagnosed with breast cancer. This development inspired Eric to explore a new course, the battle against cancer.

At first, Eric was dumbfounded, as he had insufficient information on the problem his wife was facing. To make matters worse, doctors’ advice were not exactly encouraging, given the intensity of the issue. For this reason, Eric set out to dig up on the condition, a move that saw the inception of Tempus.

Since its conception, Tempus has inaugurated a myriad of cutting-edge treatment solutions for cancer patients. By the use of advanced techniques, such as genomic and molecular data analysis, the institution has developed several revolutionary remedies. Moreover, client data sourced from across the country has played a vital role in assisting oncologists with establishing better, unique and personalized treatment solutions.

For instance, experts may compare clients’ records and create a pattern. In this case, the treatment applied to previous patients will be reused if it was successful and if the files match. While implementing this technique, genetic sequences are also considered.

Though Eric possesses a large fortune, he is not carried away by his vast wealth. Instead, he has dedicated most of his time in healthcare, learning about matters in the field. Ken White, the authority in charge of Tempus, revealed that Eric is sharp and quickly grasps concepts. He added that both he and Eric are on the same wavelength regarding the battle against cancer, albeit coming from different professional backgrounds. More Details Here .

Tempus has made remarkable leaps since it was inaugurated. Several like-minded institutions have joined the course, which is to eradicate the menace that is cancer. Eric acknowledges that while significant progress has been witnessed, the process is still in its early stages.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Lefkofsky is a rich man, having been listed by the Forbes Magazine as a billionaire. His massive fortunes have been accrued from a myriad of ventures, specifically from Groupon and InnerWorkings, among many others.

Besides business, Eric is a committed philanthropist. He established a charity together worth his wife in 2006. He is also a dedicated anti-cancer advocate, funding the renowned cancer research institute, Tempus. for more .


Jason Hope strongly believes in the Internet of Things and is a well-known entrepreneur and writer. He is also a commentator on the newest tech trends.

Hope’s articles include his recently written article on the subject at

The internet of Things is about technology that allows devices such as kitchen appliances, cars, street lamps, and other electronic devices to sync with each other. This makes it possible for devices to connect and share data using the same network in order to increase their efficiency and decrease waste. According to Jason Hope, The Internet of Things has the potential to change the way that businesses operate and is a really big advancement.

Smart technology is convenient and is the way of the future and will make our daily lives safer. Public transportation can have significant improvements because of the Internet of Things and there can be better monitoring of maintenance issues for trains and even better mapping of bus routes.

Jason Hope is not only an entrepreneur and business owner, but is set on contributing to the welfare of others and believes his position allows him to do so. He is very passionate about giving back to the community and helping local organizations. Hope’s goals include seeing Arizona’s communities thrive and grow. He is supportive of humanitarian organizations so that people can enjoy healthier lives. Hope is always looking for organizations and projects to get behind so that he can lend his support, time and resources, as well as his influence.